Monday, March 30, 2009

sushi stealer!

yesterday was a good day, sober fun :D well for me and chels, hahahaa!
met up with adrian at pearls, then picked up maria, then picked up rachel.
went to perry park, the police comes by adrians car, " EXCUSE ME WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING HERE?! ARE YOU GUYS DRINKING?! "
and our response was " NO SIR, WERE MAKING KANDEE BRACELETS " hahahahahaha so stupid, besides the fact that we had bud in the car .. lol.
then the stupid litttle boys, can i have your number?! EXCUSE ME?! YOUR SO YOUNG! hahaha.
then left there, went to kakaako, rachel seen her hachi! she was goin crazy!
so we were talking to the guys who bought it from her.
talkkked stories, watched rachel adrian and maria get stoned, lightshows, gave out kande's haha idk so weird.
left, cause there were cops again! omg so erking.
went to geinki's.. ate, maria got caught for stealing plates.
SO SHAME TO THE WORLD. so me rachel and chels, left them, and went to the car, the security was looking for us, so we just fucken left.
omg i was so scared, haha.
then after, dropped everyone home, then talked stories with adrian outside my house for awhile.
i wanted to fucken cry, cause my story ;( haw .. i misssssssyou.

blog when i get home, gona watch dollar movies soon, okaybye.

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