Monday, August 31, 2009

Just a little thought ..

I knew i shouldnt have look backed.. cause when i do. I start to think about you again. but, i know i'm over you. I know because.. when i do look back at our old memories. I'm happy. Verry happy actually. I dont get sad, and start building up with tears. I actually smile and laugh. I look at how we were then, as a life lessson. I lost you, and i learned SO MUCH from that experience. Being with you, honestly, changed me. Changed me into a person who isn't afraid of anything anymore. Someone stronger. You helped me to learn how to not give up, learn how to trust, learn how to always look forward to the better things in life, learn how to love, and most of all learn how to be myself. There's someone new in my life, and im happy with him. If it wasn't for you, i proably never wouldve let myself open up to him. But since i did, i'm happier than ever. That just shows, everyone has that one person in life whos gonna make you, break you, hurt you, love you, into the person that you really are.