Monday, December 29, 2008

pchs winterball.

was pretty lame, danced only a litttle bit.
people who go to that school dance so weird .. wtf?
and my mom was pissin me off so much so i couldn't even stay out that long after ;(
after winterball, me chels jas chanel and chasity walked the strip
there was like nothing going on? so boring
then me and chels got dropped off at wards to meet up with adrian them
cruised around, and then adrian took me home around 2ish almost 3.

.. today, i was so lazy -_-
so i stayed home and slept in alllll day, felt good :D

Sunday, December 28, 2008


BIG TIME O_O shit, i hope not .. ;(

.. mhm anyways.
yesterday, and today was allright
on friday we went to alas to shop, but then there was the fucken blackout, like DA FUCK?!?! so ugly. i was scared and irrrratated
we went inside sears, it was so DARK IN THERE! ohlooooordeh

then, we all just drove around.
went to chelsys house, me and alexis decided to stay and sleepover
cause i didnt wana go home, cause i knew it was gona be boring if i did
then today, woke up to chelsy yelling, MORNING SUNSHINES WE HAVE ELECTRICITY! :D hahaa wtf.
and then got ready
was supposed to go pearls, but we didnt have a ride
so me chels alexis and my sister went to alas
finally got my sandals for tomorrow.
im excited ^_^ cause its pearlcity's winterballlll! yay.

welll gona go shower, then callmy stupid boyfriend.
okay, peace.

Friday, December 26, 2008



.. hm was gooooooood :D
spent time w/family, and stuff.
played mario kart with my cousins most of the time.

after, crystal picked me up
went to mark's grandmas house
his grandmas funny, i love her! :D lol

then, went to crystals house, chilled there
then babe, hearn, and mark s met up with us
then went to my house, ate SO MUCH spaghetttti
cause babe, n'mark had munchies
then adrian came!! talked stories, laughed alot
and then they left around 12ish, and now im stuck here .. bored

Thursday, December 25, 2008


omg .. it went by so fast.
this christmas, i didn't feeeeel it ..
it COULDVE BEEN WAY BETTER ;( butyeh, didn't really get anything
i have everything i already need ^_^
welll here's some pics from bucas, it was reallllly fun! :D
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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

im so lazy

riggggght now, i'm supposed to be gettin' ready to go out
but .. yeh im fucken slacking! hahaha its okay.
im gona blog bout yesterday, then go and get ready ..

so likkkkkke.
i woke up, and got a call from my boyfriend.
he made me catch bus to pearls.
and i fucken waited there for an hour! waiting for him,
and he told me, to just catch bus down to kalihi -_-
i was so maddddd.
but i saw ruben, and just caught bus with him.
met up with babe at zippy's, and just waited for crstl to pick us up,
after went to babes house, waaaaaited for his mother
omg she took so long, she came and gave him money
then we went to ward, walkd around
i was so irrratated! cause the shirts i wanted i couldnt have ;(
then, we went to alas, i bought a new bag, &new slippers.
then we picked up mark
then headed to kopke, it went pretttty well
i had fun! driving adrians car, and poundind em up gulick! lol
after, we went to perrry park to drink.
then back to kopke, then to other places to chill.
around 12ish, me crstl and rig left to go home.
we dropped rig off at his girlfriends house,
then crstl dropped me off home.
and luckily i didn't get busted ^_^

Monday, December 22, 2008


oh lordy! i haven't been updating on this ..
i just been so busy lately.

cause hey, it is winter break :D & it's all about cruisin n' relaxin!

.. hm nothin new really. so yeah, just gona blog about yesterday.
yesterday, i went out with my sister to pearlridge
then i saw jasmine, went walking around with her, and almost got caught stealing!
omg so shame .. lol.
then after, i caught the bus to alas, goodness i wasnt even supposed to go out, but yeah whatever, lol.
met up with crystal them.

cruised and stufffff.
hearn had to go to work, and ashley had to go home.
so, me babe crystal mark and marks cousin erica went up to tantlus sp?
welllyeah, was so cold up there! HOLYSSSSHIT NAGA!
and was so dark .. and scary. lol
after, ate at jack in the box, then cruised at hearns house
then crystal dropped me offfff home.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

a nice way

to start off my break .. BEING SICK.
.. i feel like im gona die or some shit.
i had to stay home ALLLLLLLLDAY -_- ew sickening

well its 1:25am and my boyfriend didn't even call me yet ;(
gona try and stay away till he calls
but yeh, gona lay down cause my body feels weak

k, peace.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


today, wasn't goood at all

only when i got my dress, and when me crstl chels n krisha was
havin fun and shit.
but PEOPLE gota ruin em,

goodness, i don't understand guys now days
why cant they like .. just back the fuck off?
let them be happy. and you guys talk as if you know the whole fucken story.
i know its not MY SITUATION, but its MY FRIEND, thats getting hurt,
and you fucken bitches don't give a fuck,
im tired of seein' her crying and shit like that,
i just wana see her happy, & when she finally is, you guys fuck it up for her
sheeeeeeeeesh, no respect


welllllya. I'm tired from today, hada hard science test,

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


this whole situation is fucken stupid.
FIRST OF ALL, i don't get why your yelling at me saying that you cant trust me and that im fucked up and all that bullshit, when i don't even know what i did in the first place?!
whenever i would ask, you would just go around the question ..
ATLEAST explain to me what i did wrong, then i would actually try to work it all out and everything, and apologize if i DID do anything wrong.

.. but how am i supposed to? honestly, your being REALLY IMMATURE.
making a girl call me out, even if shes not in the situation.. wtf.
but yeah, whatever.

if your gona be like that, and not forigve me, then okay, i tried.
it's sad when you loose friends just because silly little things like this
its fucked up.

but if you loose a friend, it just means they werent meant to be in your life anyways.

today, was an all right day.
except for third and fourth i was SO FUCKEN ANNNOYED.
i wanted to cry cause i was so pissed, lol!

afterschool, was supposed to go H&L to get my dress.
but decided to go danielles house.
we just chilled there, made saiman, and fried oreos with milk! :D YUMMY
webcammed w/people, chugged down milk
shit i was laughing so hard! that the milk came outa my nose .. ew was so stink after! lmao.
then yeh, had to walk home cause my mom was so lazy! bitch -_-
and yeah its like almost one, and i just finished my debate paper! IM SO HAPPY :D
lol, now i just gota go study for my test, and finish one math packet ..
its gona be a long night.

Monday, December 15, 2008

who the fuck has cousins in canada?

but danielle, and chanel do.

so weird .. whats wrong with you danielle! bitchass, hahahahahahahh.
i'm bored, im in my first period.
im supposed to be doing my rough draft for my debate paper.
WHHHHHATEVA, i'm gona do it at home.

jasmines sitting on my chair, and shes taking up the whole seat.
big but ladeh man! HAHAHAHHA lol, oh no danielles coming ..

ok blog when i get home, kkkkkkkkkkkkeh.

HOME NOW, and boy am i bummed ;(
first my dad said that he wasnt able to take me to get my winterball dress because it would be to " traffic " when i get home.
OMG OMG OMG so fucken annoying.
so i called the lady to see if she can hold it for me.
and she said she can't anymore ;( HAW NO ONE BETTER BUY MY DRESS FUCK!
and winterball is coming up in like .. almost a week!
plus, my mom said she said we might not be able to get it cause its to expen$ive -_-
ugh, i hate that weve been having problem with money lately.
shit, why cant the president just give everyone one milllion dollars or something?!
GOSH, so unfair this ugly world.

gaaaah, i'm stressin out so much
not only bout my dress .. but,
school as well, idk if i can pass my math class with atleast a B -_-
and i have two major tests on wednesday, and a paper due for debate.
im slackkkkkin' so much! -_- i'm fucken dying!

AND christmas is comin up, and i havent even started christmas shopping!
OH BOY .. i don't have mooola for that either shit.

and im stressin out from my boyfriend to,
usually, i would be able to just stay calm when we argue, and not swear or yell
but, since ive been so stressed, it gets to me now.
but i wouldnt always be mad at him if he knew how to just trust me, and stop bringing up my past, and stop ALWAYS fucken accuising me of talking to other guys, or lying. like sheeeeeeeeeesh, do you not know me by now, that i would never do that?
cmon', its getting old.

i just can't wait till winter break, so i can take a break from all of this nonsense
AND JUST RELLLLLLAX :D boy, that sounds hellla fucken good.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


arguing doesn't get us anywhere

its gettin' really old, and i'm gettin fucken tired of it
stop pushin my buttons, and bringing up my past
and stop accusing me of lieing, when i'm not
i want us to just be happy.

how you likkke

my song? hahahahahaha.
it's from my favorite korean drama :D
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
i was watching it yesterday at chelsys hale :P
i got into it again, so i felt like putting it on my blogger!

ANYWAYS .. anything new?
on friday, it was okay, i just chilled at kopke,
and we went to diners after, then adrian took me home.
on saturday, we went to the movies.
it was so exciting! but me and chel couldnt stop laughin, cause stupid chrispy looked so stupid watching the movie .. hahahaha.

welllllll yeh, besides that ..
somethings have been on my mind lately ..
i HATE the fact your always bringing up my past.
i'm trying my hardest to forget about him, and work things out with you.
but its like you dont even understand how i feel.
you can't blame me that i still miss him ..
OF COURSE i am that was my first love.
i cant just push him out of mind.
but its not like that anymore.
its not missing him to a point that i really really want him back in my life, its i just miss what we had at times ..
i really do wana work things out with you, because its amazing that i stuck around with you for this long, without running back to my ex.
you helped me realize that i dont need him that much anymore, and that i do have the strength to get over him
so why would i wana give up on someone as special as that,
even though i dont love you yet, you just have to give me time.
you say you love me, as if it was that easy.
its not .. ive been in love
so i know how im supposed to feel, but its not like that just yet.
i wana take things REAL SLOW with you, because i dont wana let my guard down THAT EASY.
because, ive been hurt before, and i dont wana go through that again.
you promise me that you wont, but promises can be broken.
idk how long it will take me to FULLLLLLLY get over my ex.
just give me some time ..
sometimes i wonder .. why cant i get over him just yet?!
.. what the fuck did he do to me that i cant just let go?
am i supposed to STILL be feelin' this way?
like we dont even talk anymore.
so why do i still have him in the back of my mind.
ugh idk ..

but it fucken kills me.

Friday, December 12, 2008

boring third period ;(

jasmine, chanel, tori, char, n' davin arent here!

stupid bitches left me! lol.

wellllyeh, going to kalihi afterschool with crystal
blog when i get back home,

yay davin came back ^_^ now im not alone, ahah kkkkkeh.


outside, once i woke up in the mornin'
so i ended up not going to school.

sleeped in :D felt so good
woke up, cause crsl called, so called her back
n' she came over.
just chillled at my house.

then jasmine called, and she wanted us to pick her up
stupid girl went to school, so stupid! lol.
thenyeh, picked her up
then met up with adrian at tcby's
ate yogurt :D & just talked stories
so funny, " oreo girl " lmao

then went back to my house to chill

then around 6, my sister came to pick me n'my grandma up
so crtsl n' jas left, and i went shopping with my grandma and my sister.
went to pearls, then came home

omg, its so cold riggggght now! i like die
okay then, hope its not raining tomorrrrow
cause i wana go out afterschool :D ok night, gona head off to bed

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


i'm borrrrrrrrrrrred.

supposed to be editing our psa thingy, but the stupid thing wont upload! >:|
wellllllyeh, its wednesday, so i'm gona go down today

blog when i get home, kkkkkkkkkeh.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

16 more days

i'm so excited! but shit,
i didn't even start christmas shopping yet ..

and omg, its almost winterbreak to, like in 10more days.
so i promised myself, i wasn't gona ditch anymore till break starts
because, i need to catch up on so much work -_-
shit, schools killlllin' me.

hm, i have a feelin this winter break is gona be good :D
i cant wait.

oh n' a RECAP on yesterday, since i forgot to blog.
uhhhhhm, school was a drag
it was boring, long and disgusting.

after, me n' chanel got picked up from my fada mannnn
then crystal picked us up from my house.
went to do's in town to look for dresses for winterball! OMG winterball is coming up .. an i have no idea what kind of dresss i want ;(
anyways, chanel found herself a dresss -_-
and then, we went to mark lumansocs house.
alllan chrispay mark squirllleh n' mark L was there
chillllled, talked stories, played the piano,
then we left to pick up alexis.
after, we cruised at kalakaua to wait for my mom.
she was takkkkin' so long, so we went to kopke.
just chilled there till my mummy called me
then crystal dropped us off to my auntys house, then my mom came to pick us up
after, went to go get bradddda moco!
OMG me n chanel was grindinnnnn on that shit, was so good
then yeh, went home.

i was so suprised that chanel came out with me today :D hahahahh

Sunday, December 7, 2008


weekend :D

on friday, didn't reallly do anythin' just chilled with crystal allan babe, n' chrispy most of the time.

SATURDAY, i woke up
got readddddy, and i had to set up for my cousins first birthday party at my house.
after, got bored .. so my sister picked me up
we went to kmart, n' walmart.
then we went to her house, played rockband :D n' yeh... her boyfriends gma is so scareh! o_O

then at 5, she dropped me off to chelsys hale, lmao
went with her n' her mom to alas, walked around n' stuff
then got dropped off at kopke,
met up with everyone for babes birthday, oh yeh HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY BABE! :D LIKKKKKEYOU ASSHOLE.

anyways, when we got there no one was really there yet
then we all started takin' shots, then so much fucken people came
i dont remember much, i was just walkin' around talking to everyone most of the time, lol
and everyone else was likkke super loud and shit
then after the stupid ugly bitchasssss cops came, so erking
so me chels meldrick n' alexis ran to this dark place to hide lmao
then after had to end the night early,
n' headed to marks grandpas house.
it was so crazy in there o_O lol,
crstl, babe, mark squirlllleh n' mark L knocked out.
so me allan n' chrispy, decided to go back to kopke,

there was no excitement there, so we just left back to the house.
shhhhhit, my head was poundin' this morning, and i didnt get ANY sleep -_-
when i woke up, everyone was up except for allan
we were allll talkin' stories bout how fucked up everyone was, lol
i didnt even know i punched allan? oops, ahah
then we all walked to mcds to refull ourselves w/fooood
chrispy bought me food! thanks bitch! :D then yeh went backto chels's house, then my mummmma picked me up

soyeh, gona go take a nap now!

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Friday, December 5, 2008

NO school

so i just met up with crystal, and we drove to town
picked up alexis, then went to get my state ID.
the lady said the line was reallllly long, so i just said fuck em
and left.

after, we went to warrrd, and applied for local fever.
idc if that place is sucky, i just needa' job.

farrington was almost finished by then, so we stopped by jacks
n then headed back to kalihi
went to hearns grandmas house, chilled till we got bored

& then after me crystal allan & alexxis went to don quijote, then allans house,
watched chronicles of narnia :D lol so funnny the bear :P and cute asssss mouse!
then we dropped off alexis to kopke, then went to my house, and then crystal left.

TODAY was supposed to be .. 1yr n' 5months.
im never eva gona forget,
but, it doesnt phase me that much anymore, i'm gettin over it

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


a bitch
chars not a slut, shes a virigin
toris a slut, guys have been in her, she thinks so highly of herself, is that bad?
davin is just black.
jasmine has a lisp, she cant even say her own name,

davin said were mean, i think hes serious.
im sad.. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

if i take 5 pills, davin thinks me and char are gona die.
oh no .. hes gona throw it at us, oh no! do yo need it? HAHAHAHHAHA

okay, bye

^ man, that shit was random lol
that was when i was in third period and i was just writing down what either tori, or char was sayin'
yup, well so now i'm home,

today, i went to school, n then after, me n kylen walked to crystals house
then we got to kalihi, dropped off kylen
then went to hearns grandmas house
then we went to kopke, cruised then me n chels left to go somewhere .. lol its a secret.
then after, we ate at zippys, and then i got dropped off back atkopke, crystal came back after
& we were just talkin' stories with everyone ..

but while we were talkin' stories with everyone .. it got me thinkin'
whats up with guys now days ..
shhhhhit, i honestly don't know how people can move on from someone they loved THAT FAST, like cmon' now .. wtf?!
you should nevvvvver ever ever ever, choose someone you like over some you love.
i know its none of my buisness n alll, but i'm just speaking for myself.
i feel so bad for that person, cause i understand what shes going through.
it hurts knowing that the person you love isnt in your life anymore,
it hurts seeing that person you love, talk to someone new
but like erica said, guys have BIG ASS MUTHAFUCKEN EGOS.
they can be so selfish, and so self centered that they dont even think about if what there doing is hurting someone they care for alot
i just really dont understand guys
and they dont understand us girls to,
if i was in her situation, i honestly would act the same
tellin him to take all his shit back, that he thinks they should just start over
because .. when your in love, your so hardheaded, and sometimes you dont even know what your doin or sayin'
love .. makes you do the craziest things.

man .. its just alll FUCKED UP
i just hope that, that PERSON realizes what he's doing wrong
and that he'll make up his mind about everything
i just want to see them two back together again, they were so cute!

welllllll YUP, i'm waitin for babbbby to call, so i can go to sleep right after, i'm tired.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


keeps gittin' better for me,
like i said, things will eventually get better in time.
& i think its working for me, even though i still got 'him' in the back of my mind,

i'm actually letting go more and more everyday,
but just one step at a time.

i'm so proud of myself, because i always said to myself ..
that i woud never be able to do this.

all i need is just more time, and more thinkin to do
i don't need anyone elses help, i only want to stick to MY advice
yup, IM GETTIN' THROUGH THIS with me myself and i, and my heart on my sleeve :D

i didn't

feeeeeel like goin' to third and fourth pd.
so i just told my sister to pick me, and drop me off home

so now, i'm stuck here.

hm .. i'm so bored .. -_- maybe i shouldve just stayed in school.
ouh, this weekend is babes birthday! hes gona be 18 lol,
i always say hes a petafile :P hahaha lmao.
i dont know what i should do for him though ..

i'm proablly gona bake him a cake, YUM :D

AND abbbbby bebeh's birthday is comin the day before his.
i'll do somethin special for her to ;]
well yup, i'm hungry

gona go make myself a sandwich.

Monday, December 1, 2008

in classsssss

its third period ..
chanel keeps staring at my screen,

i like shoot her .. >:| and shes copying me.
and theres annoyin voice coming from that irratating speaker

now were watching a jay walking video, hahahha
gotttta do my work now


okay, now i'm at home ..
just woke up from my three hour nap :D it felt good
n' now i'm just tweakin' on myspace aim, and now this

wellll yup tomorrows gona be another boring school day