Sunday, December 28, 2008


BIG TIME O_O shit, i hope not .. ;(

.. mhm anyways.
yesterday, and today was allright
on friday we went to alas to shop, but then there was the fucken blackout, like DA FUCK?!?! so ugly. i was scared and irrrratated
we went inside sears, it was so DARK IN THERE! ohlooooordeh

then, we all just drove around.
went to chelsys house, me and alexis decided to stay and sleepover
cause i didnt wana go home, cause i knew it was gona be boring if i did
then today, woke up to chelsy yelling, MORNING SUNSHINES WE HAVE ELECTRICITY! :D hahaa wtf.
and then got ready
was supposed to go pearls, but we didnt have a ride
so me chels alexis and my sister went to alas
finally got my sandals for tomorrow.
im excited ^_^ cause its pearlcity's winterballlll! yay.

welll gona go shower, then callmy stupid boyfriend.
okay, peace.

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