Monday, December 15, 2008

who the fuck has cousins in canada?

but danielle, and chanel do.

so weird .. whats wrong with you danielle! bitchass, hahahahahahahh.
i'm bored, im in my first period.
im supposed to be doing my rough draft for my debate paper.
WHHHHHATEVA, i'm gona do it at home.

jasmines sitting on my chair, and shes taking up the whole seat.
big but ladeh man! HAHAHAHHA lol, oh no danielles coming ..

ok blog when i get home, kkkkkkkkkkkkeh.

HOME NOW, and boy am i bummed ;(
first my dad said that he wasnt able to take me to get my winterball dress because it would be to " traffic " when i get home.
OMG OMG OMG so fucken annoying.
so i called the lady to see if she can hold it for me.
and she said she can't anymore ;( HAW NO ONE BETTER BUY MY DRESS FUCK!
and winterball is coming up in like .. almost a week!
plus, my mom said she said we might not be able to get it cause its to expen$ive -_-
ugh, i hate that weve been having problem with money lately.
shit, why cant the president just give everyone one milllion dollars or something?!
GOSH, so unfair this ugly world.

gaaaah, i'm stressin out so much
not only bout my dress .. but,
school as well, idk if i can pass my math class with atleast a B -_-
and i have two major tests on wednesday, and a paper due for debate.
im slackkkkkin' so much! -_- i'm fucken dying!

AND christmas is comin up, and i havent even started christmas shopping!
OH BOY .. i don't have mooola for that either shit.

and im stressin out from my boyfriend to,
usually, i would be able to just stay calm when we argue, and not swear or yell
but, since ive been so stressed, it gets to me now.
but i wouldnt always be mad at him if he knew how to just trust me, and stop bringing up my past, and stop ALWAYS fucken accuising me of talking to other guys, or lying. like sheeeeeeeeeesh, do you not know me by now, that i would never do that?
cmon', its getting old.

i just can't wait till winter break, so i can take a break from all of this nonsense
AND JUST RELLLLLLAX :D boy, that sounds hellla fucken good.

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