Friday, December 12, 2008


outside, once i woke up in the mornin'
so i ended up not going to school.

sleeped in :D felt so good
woke up, cause crsl called, so called her back
n' she came over.
just chillled at my house.

then jasmine called, and she wanted us to pick her up
stupid girl went to school, so stupid! lol.
thenyeh, picked her up
then met up with adrian at tcby's
ate yogurt :D & just talked stories
so funny, " oreo girl " lmao

then went back to my house to chill

then around 6, my sister came to pick me n'my grandma up
so crtsl n' jas left, and i went shopping with my grandma and my sister.
went to pearls, then came home

omg, its so cold riggggght now! i like die
okay then, hope its not raining tomorrrrow
cause i wana go out afterschool :D ok night, gona head off to bed

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