Wednesday, December 3, 2008


a bitch
chars not a slut, shes a virigin
toris a slut, guys have been in her, she thinks so highly of herself, is that bad?
davin is just black.
jasmine has a lisp, she cant even say her own name,

davin said were mean, i think hes serious.
im sad.. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

if i take 5 pills, davin thinks me and char are gona die.
oh no .. hes gona throw it at us, oh no! do yo need it? HAHAHAHHAHA

okay, bye

^ man, that shit was random lol
that was when i was in third period and i was just writing down what either tori, or char was sayin'
yup, well so now i'm home,

today, i went to school, n then after, me n kylen walked to crystals house
then we got to kalihi, dropped off kylen
then went to hearns grandmas house
then we went to kopke, cruised then me n chels left to go somewhere .. lol its a secret.
then after, we ate at zippys, and then i got dropped off back atkopke, crystal came back after
& we were just talkin' stories with everyone ..

but while we were talkin' stories with everyone .. it got me thinkin'
whats up with guys now days ..
shhhhhit, i honestly don't know how people can move on from someone they loved THAT FAST, like cmon' now .. wtf?!
you should nevvvvver ever ever ever, choose someone you like over some you love.
i know its none of my buisness n alll, but i'm just speaking for myself.
i feel so bad for that person, cause i understand what shes going through.
it hurts knowing that the person you love isnt in your life anymore,
it hurts seeing that person you love, talk to someone new
but like erica said, guys have BIG ASS MUTHAFUCKEN EGOS.
they can be so selfish, and so self centered that they dont even think about if what there doing is hurting someone they care for alot
i just really dont understand guys
and they dont understand us girls to,
if i was in her situation, i honestly would act the same
tellin him to take all his shit back, that he thinks they should just start over
because .. when your in love, your so hardheaded, and sometimes you dont even know what your doin or sayin'
love .. makes you do the craziest things.

man .. its just alll FUCKED UP
i just hope that, that PERSON realizes what he's doing wrong
and that he'll make up his mind about everything
i just want to see them two back together again, they were so cute!

welllllll YUP, i'm waitin for babbbby to call, so i can go to sleep right after, i'm tired.

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