Tuesday, December 9, 2008

16 more days

i'm so excited! but shit,
i didn't even start christmas shopping yet ..

and omg, its almost winterbreak to, like in 10more days.
so i promised myself, i wasn't gona ditch anymore till break starts
because, i need to catch up on so much work -_-
shit, schools killlllin' me.

hm, i have a feelin this winter break is gona be good :D
i cant wait.

oh n' a RECAP on yesterday, since i forgot to blog.
uhhhhhm, school was a drag
it was boring, long and disgusting.

after, me n' chanel got picked up from my fada mannnn
then crystal picked us up from my house.
went to do's in town to look for dresses for winterball! OMG winterball is coming up .. an i have no idea what kind of dresss i want ;(
anyways, chanel found herself a dresss -_-
and then, we went to mark lumansocs house.
alllan chrispay mark squirllleh n' mark L was there
chillllled, talked stories, played the piano,
then we left to pick up alexis.
after, we cruised at kalakaua to wait for my mom.
she was takkkkin' so long, so we went to kopke.
just chilled there till my mummy called me
then crystal dropped us off to my auntys house, then my mom came to pick us up
after, went to go get bradddda moco!
OMG me n chanel was grindinnnnn on that shit, was so good
then yeh, went home.

i was so suprised that chanel came out with me today :D hahahahh

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