Wednesday, December 17, 2008


this whole situation is fucken stupid.
FIRST OF ALL, i don't get why your yelling at me saying that you cant trust me and that im fucked up and all that bullshit, when i don't even know what i did in the first place?!
whenever i would ask, you would just go around the question ..
ATLEAST explain to me what i did wrong, then i would actually try to work it all out and everything, and apologize if i DID do anything wrong.

.. but how am i supposed to? honestly, your being REALLY IMMATURE.
making a girl call me out, even if shes not in the situation.. wtf.
but yeah, whatever.

if your gona be like that, and not forigve me, then okay, i tried.
it's sad when you loose friends just because silly little things like this
its fucked up.

but if you loose a friend, it just means they werent meant to be in your life anyways.

today, was an all right day.
except for third and fourth i was SO FUCKEN ANNNOYED.
i wanted to cry cause i was so pissed, lol!

afterschool, was supposed to go H&L to get my dress.
but decided to go danielles house.
we just chilled there, made saiman, and fried oreos with milk! :D YUMMY
webcammed w/people, chugged down milk
shit i was laughing so hard! that the milk came outa my nose .. ew was so stink after! lmao.
then yeh, had to walk home cause my mom was so lazy! bitch -_-
and yeah its like almost one, and i just finished my debate paper! IM SO HAPPY :D
lol, now i just gota go study for my test, and finish one math packet ..
its gona be a long night.

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