Sunday, December 14, 2008

how you likkke

my song? hahahahahaha.
it's from my favorite korean drama :D
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i was watching it yesterday at chelsys hale :P
i got into it again, so i felt like putting it on my blogger!

ANYWAYS .. anything new?
on friday, it was okay, i just chilled at kopke,
and we went to diners after, then adrian took me home.
on saturday, we went to the movies.
it was so exciting! but me and chel couldnt stop laughin, cause stupid chrispy looked so stupid watching the movie .. hahahaha.

welllllll yeh, besides that ..
somethings have been on my mind lately ..
i HATE the fact your always bringing up my past.
i'm trying my hardest to forget about him, and work things out with you.
but its like you dont even understand how i feel.
you can't blame me that i still miss him ..
OF COURSE i am that was my first love.
i cant just push him out of mind.
but its not like that anymore.
its not missing him to a point that i really really want him back in my life, its i just miss what we had at times ..
i really do wana work things out with you, because its amazing that i stuck around with you for this long, without running back to my ex.
you helped me realize that i dont need him that much anymore, and that i do have the strength to get over him
so why would i wana give up on someone as special as that,
even though i dont love you yet, you just have to give me time.
you say you love me, as if it was that easy.
its not .. ive been in love
so i know how im supposed to feel, but its not like that just yet.
i wana take things REAL SLOW with you, because i dont wana let my guard down THAT EASY.
because, ive been hurt before, and i dont wana go through that again.
you promise me that you wont, but promises can be broken.
idk how long it will take me to FULLLLLLLY get over my ex.
just give me some time ..
sometimes i wonder .. why cant i get over him just yet?!
.. what the fuck did he do to me that i cant just let go?
am i supposed to STILL be feelin' this way?
like we dont even talk anymore.
so why do i still have him in the back of my mind.
ugh idk ..

but it fucken kills me.

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