Thursday, July 2, 2009


i havent blogged in awhile. and i dont know, i was just in neeeeed of expressing myself on here, since i cant let it out to anyone else, and especially the person i NEED to let it out to .. so here it goes. Lately .. you ain't doin your part. Yeah i know, your not mines yet, so its not like your commited to me or anything.. but, a phonecall during the day just to checkup, and a phonecall at night to say goodnight like you used to.. WOULD be nice. But i aint gona force it. I know that its not that thats bothering me, it's something else. Its that just lately you havent been showing you care about me, the way you say you do. Actions speak louder than words.. annd i wan't you to prove it to me. Prove to me that everyything you say is realtalk. Because now days i don't get that same vibe from you anymore, I STILL FEEL THE SAME WAY AS I DID SINCE DAY ONE. but it just feels as if you don't anymore. Reason why i wont tell you why i feel like this is because.. your proably just not gona wanna work it out with me. " sorrry sorry sorry i dont keep up, i guess were not just work out " is what im gona hear from you, i know that for a fact. THATS NOT WHAT I WANT. I WANT US to work it out, if your saying sorry DO SOMETHING about it yeno. don't just watch us fall apart and let it happen. If you say you want me, do your part better. show me, that you want me, not just by words. I dont wanna waste my time on you. I KNOW your gonna leave soon, six months.. damn. I really dont care what others say, i know for a fact i can wait. I WANT TO WAIT FOR YOU. For some reason .. it just feels like your worth it. But with the way your acting .. HOW can i keep my feelings the same?! All i'm saying right now, is get your mind straight, know what you want, before i end up not knowing what I want anymore.