Monday, March 30, 2009

sushi stealer!

yesterday was a good day, sober fun :D well for me and chels, hahahaa!
met up with adrian at pearls, then picked up maria, then picked up rachel.
went to perry park, the police comes by adrians car, " EXCUSE ME WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING HERE?! ARE YOU GUYS DRINKING?! "
and our response was " NO SIR, WERE MAKING KANDEE BRACELETS " hahahahahaha so stupid, besides the fact that we had bud in the car .. lol.
then the stupid litttle boys, can i have your number?! EXCUSE ME?! YOUR SO YOUNG! hahaha.
then left there, went to kakaako, rachel seen her hachi! she was goin crazy!
so we were talking to the guys who bought it from her.
talkkked stories, watched rachel adrian and maria get stoned, lightshows, gave out kande's haha idk so weird.
left, cause there were cops again! omg so erking.
went to geinki's.. ate, maria got caught for stealing plates.
SO SHAME TO THE WORLD. so me rachel and chels, left them, and went to the car, the security was looking for us, so we just fucken left.
omg i was so scared, haha.
then after, dropped everyone home, then talked stories with adrian outside my house for awhile.
i wanted to fucken cry, cause my story ;( haw .. i misssssssyou.

blog when i get home, gona watch dollar movies soon, okaybye.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

i'm not gona

waste my time anymore.
i don't wanna talk to any guys for now, i just wana stay single, be happy, live life.
cause so far thats been going good for me :D i have more fun now.
i aint the that type of girl whos down for flings, i like being with a guy knowing that our relationship is worth it and it'll last.
i want someone commited, trustworthy, honest, all of the above<3

danced danced danced, techno techno techno, lightshows lightshows lightshows, vicks vicks vicks, the whole fucken night.
my nose, back, mouth, shoulders, and legs fucken hurt though ;( hmph.
that was my last rave and my last time yeah.. for awhile.
taking a break off of that lifestyle for now ;]
sober fun sounds goood, for now .. haha!
pictures from lasttttnight!
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Friday, March 27, 2009


i fucken wish wish wish WISHH WISHHHH! my wish comes true.


.. and again i blog so damn late that it doesnt show up on the right date .. yeh whatever.
today i stayed home most of the day, slept in till like 1 or something.
then showered, walked to chasitys house, dropped off money, then me and chas walked to chans.
the stupid bitch wasnt answering our phone calls, so we just went inside her house, and grabbed her money from her mom!
ahhhhomg! tomorrow! im so Xcited! :D but if my mom doesnt let me go .. i gon fucken cry! ;(
after, walked home, then chan came over, then jas
chillled for awhile, then walked back to chans house, kev them came after, hardstyled, then wenttt home.
hm .. im feelin some ice cream right bout now, chan left hers! gona eat her shit! ahah yay! fuckyou bitch!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

happy birthday chasity!

mmmhm, well woke up to my damn phone ringinnn'
abby was calling, told me to get ready, and then she came to pick me up
got to pearls, met up with everyyyyone
and then ate at cpk for chas's birthday, ordered some alfredo thing! it was fucken goood! and then after, just walked around and whatever.
then nate picked up me and chas, went to waikele for fucken nonsense!
then to the airport to say bye to caelynnn!
then back to chas's house for a small bbq, then my sister picked me and chan up, then picked up chels, then went whereever.
met up with rocky and roanne them for awhile, and now i'm home.


i hate the fact you just fucken left me here, like i aint shit ..

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

woke up feelin'

SICK SICK SICK -_- eeewwwwwwoisehfnsokn!
my nose was all stuffed and my throat was dry and my body felt so damn warm!
my room was a fucken mess, didnt feel like cleaning till jas and chels woke up.
so when they diddd, we cleaned my room and then ate some foood.
waited around for awhile, till jas went home
then me and chels got readdddy, walked to the bus stop
i was getting so fucken sad! i was like omg so long time i never caught bus, and then my sister saved us :D
got dropped off to alas, and walked around.
bought a dressss for idk, hahaha nonsense but its cute.
then my sister picked us up again, then she took me home.

Monday, March 23, 2009

opening my eyes

to bigger and better things,
i need to stop dwelling in my past, and look forward to my future
TRYING SO DAMN HARD, to just forget about you
but i have no idea why i wont let myself, you got a hold on me, and i just cant seem to shake you offfff.

stressin' so much now days, and when i need you there the MOST, thats when you decide to leave me hanging..
i just hope this spring break takes a LOAD off my shoulders, and lets me relax, and just have fun for now.

.. trying hard to not let you get to me, but in the back of my mind.
your still the only damn thing i think about.

its a good thing that i think positive about every single problem in my life, if i didnt .. i proably wouldve broken down by now.
damn, im fucken proud of myself for being so strong

Sunday, March 22, 2009

sushi lovers

ahah i love chelsy ridge rachel and adrian :D forever and a day
lastnight was crazzzy! went around everywhere! and just yeah! omg! hahahaha.
every 21 of the month were all gona get together and eat "dinner" again and eat our "sushi" hahahaha, wasabi me! lmfao inside jokes*
body fucken hurts right now though, my back is killin me and my legs! ;( thats the suckyy part about it, hmph.

well i'm at chelsys house right now, gona go shower soon, kbye.
OHBTW, after springbreak, cuttttting down on that shit FOREAL.
gotta get a hold of myself, snap back into reality and focus on it
hm but all i can say is .. lifes been good for me, besides vvv THAT.

.. and i'm guessing you want me to forget about you, and all our promises.
i knew that you wouldnt keep your word, i still am
you proably dont even know how hard i keep fallin, for you -_-

you keep gettin my hopes up, and then just leave me off wondering and waiting around. i told you, that i don't wanna be waiting around for nothing.
and sometimes i wonder if everything you ever said to me was true.

and i'm just letting you know now, i dont like my mind being fucked around with
ive had ENOUGH from all the other guys who put me through shit, im seriously tired of being hurt
so please dont tell me thats what your doing with me, if so, tell me and ill just completely leave you alone if thats what you want, cause it sure seems like it.

seriously cut the sweetalking, and tell me straight up what you want

Saturday, March 21, 2009

kick off for spring break!

was allllright, spent most of the day with crystal cause it was her birthday.

then we went cosmic bowling, didn't bowl, just ate their pizza, haha
then after, we hit up o-lounge, i must say, it was pretttty boring!
cause i didn't roll ;( so i left there, and went to drink with adrian them, around 2ish, adrian took me nd' krisha home, i hada meeeeean asss motherfucking headache -_-
pictures coming soon.

AND IF YOU THINK, that i forgot about you .. i honestly haven't.
other way around

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Friday, March 20, 2009



crappy situation, makes me feel crappy

Thursday, March 19, 2009


is a new word i learned today, cause they said that the walmart thing was a hoax, meaning a lie! hahahaha.
so fucken dixxxx to the world whoever decided to give out that text message saying that there was gona be a shooting and shit. i got like 5 of those text messsages!
i got scared! me and adrian was supposed to go walmart today!
so ruin my plans >:| ugh!

hmmmm anyways, today was okay, first period, i was getting irratated by the one toned voice girl! she sounds like a fucken girl version of napolean! yuck.
and in second period, I SWEAR MY TEACHER WAS ON SOMETHING.
like, his eyes were all red and shit, and he was dancing, and singing baby songs, and like wtf .. idk, but whatever he was on i wanna be on it! hahahahahaha! jk.
then we played musical chairs, but i got out cause jasmine, omg fuckyou bitch! :P
then i was getttting so irratated, cause THAT bitch was all like " lets turn this place into a rave, and lets take ecstasy and fucken go crazy "
and then specifically looked at me jasmine brandon and kawika them.
EXCUUUUSE ME BITCH?! puhlease, your just mad cause you dont do it likkkke us! hahaha fucken stupid ew!
ho but i swearrrrrr! i was so fucken ready to kick her fucken face!
at lunch .. yeah, idk, boring, same goes for third period, and fourth period.
then yeah, caught bus home with kevin! omg i never caught the bus in a hella long time! ;( i was sad being in there, plus somebody was stink to! smelt like twitching whopper .. haha inside joke*
okay, gona hit the shower, then hit the sheets, peace.

reunion day!

school was allright, first period, took my final exam
cheated on it .. again.. like always. hahahah!
i swear if danielle was not in my life, idk where the fuck i would even be anymore, i think i would fail every single one of my classsses! hah
in second period, did whatever, at lunch, walked around, and then cruised in Dbuilding, as alwayyyyys.
then in third period, i was reading all my blogs, and i was getting sad, because all the ones from the past kina get to me sometimes -_-
in fourth period, it was sooooo boring, just taking pics with chanel. afterschool, went to dao's house, made saimin, and watched step brothers, that movies is fucken nonsense, but hillarious! :P
after, i walked to jasmine's house, chillled there, then went to walmart, and then back to her house, had a really really really deep conversation.
i seriously was about to start crying, she got me thinking hard foreal about everything, shes right, i do have to figure out what i want, and he has to figure out what he wants as well.
idk .. i just dont know anymore, fuck, i fucken miss you -_-
to late now .. whatever.

then after, adrian came to pick me up, went in front of my house, talked stories, got bored, so we went to crystals house.
omg i was so happppy! seeing her again, i havent seen her for over a month ;( haw.
it was a reunion for the three of us! cause were the ones who was being the most MIA out of everyone! hahaha " the squirly ones " :P
it was funny though, talking stories, reminiscin, and talking loads of shit about you! you fucking ugly african queen lookin' piece of shit, i like kick your face! nails to the world bitch! hahahhaha.
and then yeah, it was gettin late, so adrian took me home.
on the way home though, we tried to steal this blinking light that was on the sign! but then when i tried grabbing it, it was stuck!
and then i fucken stepped in this cum looookin thing! ew! ;( hahah
but will be back for that light thingy tomorrow, after we go walmart! :D

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

it sucks

when you put yourself out there again, waiting and waiting around, and come to find out, your proably only gonna be waiting around for nothing.
" its hard waiting around for something you know might NEVER happen, but its harder to give up when you know its everything you always wanted "

MMMMHM, anyways ..
dont ever go to the little caesars in ewa beach!
they fucken suck at liffffe! omg!
my stuffed crazy bread didnt even have cheese in it! like at all! and me and danielles pizza was supposed to be half cheese and half pepporoni, and it was only fucken cheese! and the stupid cashier almost charged us for two crazy bread! >:| BAD FUCKEN SERVICE. yuck

annnnyways, besides that, school was okay
same old shit, blah blah blah.

afterschool, went to danielle's house and ate the stupid ugly pizza.
watched good luck chuck, and in the movie it said that theres only one sunset in anartica and i beleived! until i googled it and it was a lie! >:|
i wanted to like ask someone to take me there one day and watch the sunset with me, but no! its a lie! got my hopes up for nothing >:| so erking! ahah.
thenn yeah, stayed a little while longer, then walked alll the way home.

my drawings on paint from third period :D

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CUTE YEAH? ^_^ ill draw more on paint later

Monday, March 16, 2009

woke up

with my body aching, i wanted to like fucken just die already -_-
but whatever, got up, and got ready anyways.
schoool, ew first period was disssgusting to the world i was grouchy and all bitchy and shit, the only good thing about it was my egg sandwich! YUM! ^_^
second period, i slept the wholllle damn time! omg i felt so good after!!!
at lunch, stayed with jas danielle chas noli and april.
talked about saturdayyy, oh how i miss it so much ;( lol!
next week again! for chasity's birthday!
third period, i workkkkked my ass off! holy shit, tried to get all my work done, so hopefully it goes to a B :D
in fourth, watched a movie, so sad, the students were like hitting the poor old teachers head on the floor, i felt so baddd.
then afterschool, i went straight home, finished myy chalkandwire thing.
then took a long four hour nap ^_^ yummy, haha!

[20:38]: everytime i see you or talk to you or even think about you, i still feel the same feelings i have for you
[20:38]: so dats a guarentee a promise i can keep

lucky charms!

was amazzzzzing!
it felt like it was a fucken bad ass dream!
danced the whole night with whoever, got lightshows, sniffed vicks/blowed vicks in my eyes, techno techno techno! sat on the floor, trippped the fuck out, gooodshit man ^_^ ahah!
made new friends, made up with old friends! shit i loved everyone! :D wooohoo hellokitty next weekend! ( idk yet still debating) gotta slow the fuck down.. haha.
shitttt, i'm so damn tired to -_- i just wanna sleep! came home bout, 430ish almost 5 in the morning! blah
anyways, heres some pictures from lastnight! & friday!
friday ..
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saturday .. and yeah i know its allll fucken hash, i look naaails, it was so fucken hot to the worllllld in there!
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.. and still in the back of my mind, every damn day, i think about you

Friday, March 13, 2009


is not my friend, fuck you! ;(

Thursday, March 12, 2009

i'm so xcited!

i cannnnn't wait till it's the weekend! omg! omg! omg! :D
if my mommmm doesnt let me go, i think i gon kill myself already! lol!
on friday, go cruise with jess justin and ridge them in crestview, its been awhile.
and on saturday, luckkkkycharms! hopefully it works out!
but yyyyeah, anyways, i hada really good day today!
woke up, got readyyy for school, and in first period, talked stories with jas danielle nikki and kawika, while eating my noodles and chicken! yum! and in second, watched and finished blood in, blood out! i like that movie, its goooooood.
at lunch, stayed with danielle chas april and char in the back of d building, hardstyling, and went back inside, and did whatevvver.
third period, omg i'm so scared that i might fail that classs ;( i really really hope not ;( i did my worrrk, and kept yelling at danielle, i'm so sorry for hitting you :P love you momma! lol!
and then yeah, me and jas were so happy, cause of our "phones" :D bwuahaha fuckyou.
and thenin fourth, just listenend to my ipod, and sang with chanel.
afterschoool, went to ms. deai's did some work, and then went to tacobell, " cheezy double beef burrito with a medium baja blast " :P
then went home, and took a nap.
now i gotttta do all my backwork -_- ugh, catchyyyalaters!

-if were meant to be, it'll find its way, right? ..
- who knows, but i really want it to happen

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


that other blog .. cause that was to mean!
see what pms does to you! hahahaha, i was just really pissed in third period, yeah whatever.

ok so yeah, today is wed niz day, yes thats how i pronounce it :]
anyyyyywho, first period, ew ms. ross came back -_- ugh nasty!
and in second period, had a test, just copied danielle's test :P lol
and then watched more of blood in and blood out, it just keeps getting more and more interesting!
at lunch, talked stories, took pictures, blah blah, went in the back of the building w/danielle jas noli chas char n april, praticed hardstyling! lol. so stuuupid, who cares!
in third pd. did workkkk, and yeah, i was so irratated -_-
in fourth, talked stories with jas chanel and edddddy sin.
afterschool, went to danielles house, we have no lives,
we sat on her living room floor from 3-4:30 eating saimin and watching bratz! omg that movie is hillarious!
and then after ate mochi ice cream :D

best kept secret, ever .. bwuahahahha.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

i misssed danielle

she didn't come to school, and i felt so lost and fucken hopeless without her!!! wich i was shit.
first period, i just ate, and in second.
listened to my ipod with kaika, and watched blood in and blood out, so funnnny!
at lunch, talked stories with jas abby chas noli and april, and was dancing and shit, " wheres your head attttt?! " :P
in third, i was ON IT! doing alll my work :D i was so proud of myself! haha.
in fourth .. omg ugly ugly ugly test -_- i FAILED, i just know i did
afterschool, went out with my sister, then to jasmine's house
and now i'm home, gona go find something to eat!

.. and i wonder if everything you said last night was true,
hope it was, cause what i said, was real talk.
got me thinkin' so much, that i had a hard time fallin asleep.

i just don't know what to do.

ughhhhh what the fucking fuck is up peoples asses now days! >:|
i thought i was fucken done with you bitch!!!!!
the shit i did wasn't enough for you to get fucken over me? GEEEZ
i like fucken kick your face one day! isehgfvnoiksdhvnoziksdhvnc ugh
fucken karip lookin shit, stupid dumb assss cunt fucking bitch ass fucker! bothering me when i'm pmsing to! so erking to the world! go find someone else to irratate!
cause i'm fucken tired of you, ew, you pissss me off bitch.

iratattting day!

.. well it started off good!
cause i had chicken alfredo pasta for breakfast :D DAMN! ^_^ ahhaa.
and then, in second period, i was sleeping like the whole time, since i was so tired from the weekend.
then this stupid boy next to me kept tappping his damn desk making the whole fucken world shake! omg! i got so irratated! iohefnowihncs, but i just decided to not bother and try to fall asleep again.
and then at lunch, daniellle and jas left me, so i just stayed with noli chas april and char.
talked bout this weeeekend and saturday! oh fuck i can't wait! :D
then at third period, it was like a free period, cause our comps were down so we couldnt really do anything at all.
so i just talked stories with krisha.
and while we were walking to fourth period, i was so mad, everyone kept bumping into me, its all kevins fault! shit! haha
and in fourth, so erking, the guy, fuck i wanted to kick his face.
cause he came in and started yelling at his gf, and he kicked the chairs, and one if it hit my leg!
and then after, my cheeeeks hurted, cause i couldnt stop laughing,
" who the fuck punches dogs?! " LMFAO.

and then yaaaa, dad picked me up, and i went home and took a nap.

and yay i gottta text :D and a call :D havent got that in awhhhhile.
i missssed it, big time.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

i know that,

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are my resttt days :D i dont like going out on sundays, even though me and chels went to alas and sutffs, but whatever shut up.

YESTERDAY! was fucking amazing! :D i never felt so good in a helllla long time ^_^ hahahha!
but now, im fucken so lazy, and tired, i just wanna sleep for the rest of my life! :P

yeah, heres some pics from lastnight, YEAH I KNOW THERE HASH, WHO FUCKEN CARES!!!!!! we had fun, bwuahaha! my lovE's :D
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Saturday, March 7, 2009

you left

me here, wondering, and thinking whattt if..

at jassmans house

bored.. blah blah blah.
um yesterday was ok, went out and then jas came over.
supppposed to sneak out again, but no! our ride squirlied out on us those fuckkkkas!

well gona go out later on tonight, I'm xcitttted! :D

Thursday, March 5, 2009

sometimes ..

I JUST DONT KNOW -_- oiwehvncoivskdvnc moidj ugh, i wishhhh.. -_- nvm.
stressssin' every fucken day, so erking
or maybe its just cause i'm gona get my period soon! >:| YUCKKY.
hm not gona worry bout anything for now, just gona keep everything to myself ;]

blah blah blah. ANYWAYYS! school was okay,
in first period, didn't do much, i wanted to sleep
in second, watched blood in blood out, i likkke that movie! " VATO LOCOS, ESSSSAY! " or however you spellll it! and the whole guy on guy action sucking fingers?!?! wtf is with he homo shit?! HAHA
then kaikkkka was rapping to me so loud, " can i whisper in your ear?" hahahah! excuse me?! who do you think you are? lmao.
at lunch, stayed with abby jas danielle chanel kevin kaika and his friend most offff the time, just talked stories and whatev.
third period, i drew on paint :D omg i fucken love my artwork! its fucken beautifull! ill put up them on here later on! lol
and then in fourth, i fell asleep cause the lights were off, it felt good :D
i had to stay afterschool with kevin and danielle -_- omg so erking
i went to ms deai's class to do work, and then WTF?! i didnt get shit done, cause i had to go walkking around with kevin gettin our evaluation shit signed! ughhh i hated walking -_- to much stairs!
and to much hugs from ervinne! damnit! hahahaa
and then, danielles mom picked us up, and then got food, and then i went home, and took a nap ^_^

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

if i could,

i would .. those days when i feel like the WHOLE WORLD is against me, is when i missss you most.

HMMMM, regular fucken day, again
got to school late, and my teacher and i had a little talk about me needing to come to class on time, oh well fuck you! im not coming on time, its so boring! hahaha.
in second period, i diddd my work! and stupid kaika, omg you like me die yeah?! dummy! hahaha i did not wana put that shit in my bag!
at lunch, i was all happy hyperish again! janel brought red velvet cupcakes, ouh yummmy! :D for davins birthday, oh yeah, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVIN! :P
and then i just talked storrrries with whoever ..
in third period, it was really really boring, i wanted to sleep, but im failing that class, so i had to do all my backwork -_- yuck.
in fourth, whatever, it was ugly, ahaha!

afterschooool, waited in the front with danielle chas kawika and noli, then dao's brother took us to her house.
ate cheeezy double beef burrito's and cheezy fiesta patatoes with baja blast! ^_^ YUM, .. reminded me of someone though ;( haw so unfair .. mmmmmhm.
and then idk, chilllled.

OH BTW! IS THERE A MR BOUNTY?!?! LMFAO! stupid fucken danielle making up anykine nonsense names.
and then yeah, danielle and tisha walked me home halfway
and i had to walk the other half by myself, omg so fucken scary.
there were these three guys singing to me while i passed by, " hey sexxxay lady, i wanna get to know you " so fucken unecessary! hahaha!

okay bye.
HOLY SHIT! i just noticed .. but today woulve been 1 and 8, wowww.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

good tuesday

idk, i just felt goood in school today :D ahah
first period, got in class late, cause i went to get noodles and chicken! YUM! and did my work, and stared at this screensaver on mrs. comp! was so trippppy looking " ONLY IF I WAS .." haha yeah jas?
and in second period, kept getting mad i wanted to throw my phone at someones face! shit oihs jdnoikshdjf ugh! bitch. just leave me alone you fucken dumbassss >:| goddddd! BESIDES THAT, i kept laughing at kaika, cause how he raps .. " MAD PROPS " yeah kawika?! hahahahahaha shutup.
and then at lunch i was just listening and dancin to my musicccc, idk i was happy! haha.
and the on the way to third period, i kept jumping around with kevin, haha.
in fourth, talkked stories with edison and dao.
edison wouldnt let me pull out the white hair from his face! so erking to the world, good luck my asssss! haha.
and then afterschool, was supposed to go eat with kaika or something? but i didnt feel like it, so me and dao when to geinkis, and bought two spicy tuna bowls, and a tuna hand roll.
was so gooood! :D ahah.
then yeah, jas cammme over after, and yeahhhhhhhhhh.

now im home, k bye!

.. waiting to see, what happens next
goood things come to those who wait.

regular day

at schoool, nothin' new.
1st period, i just sat there, grinding on my food!
and my teacher didnt even talk to me today :D i was so happy that i didnt have to hear her irratating voice, yuck.
second period, i ACTUALLY did my work! well cause, everyone was forcing me -_- so erking, lol
at lunch, i had to tell abbby my story! haw i wanted to cry, but she made me feel better, i love you abby :D
third period, we had to take like 5 tests?! WTF i cheated on every single one! bwuahahaha!
and in fourth i couldnt stop laughing! cause chanel, idk she stupid. haha

afterschooool, took a nice long nap :D it felt good, didn't do that in awhile.
jas was supposed to come over but .. i didnt hear me phone ringing? so i missed her calls, oh well, lol.

lately, i beeen thinkin', and seems like your always avoidin' me now days, and yeah idk what to do.
truth is, i still got mad feelins' for ya,
but theres nothing i can do or say about it.
" if he wants you, hell do whatever it takes" I LIVE off that quote.

Monday, March 2, 2009

" if he wants you,

he'll do whatever it takes. " - hes just not that into you.
I LOVVVE THAT MOVIE :D it made me cry, ahahah
that movie makes ya think and shit.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


the whole damnn day! -_- yucccccky.
out of it.. let's just run away to the moooooon.