Thursday, March 19, 2009

reunion day!

school was allright, first period, took my final exam
cheated on it .. again.. like always. hahahah!
i swear if danielle was not in my life, idk where the fuck i would even be anymore, i think i would fail every single one of my classsses! hah
in second period, did whatever, at lunch, walked around, and then cruised in Dbuilding, as alwayyyyys.
then in third period, i was reading all my blogs, and i was getting sad, because all the ones from the past kina get to me sometimes -_-
in fourth period, it was sooooo boring, just taking pics with chanel. afterschool, went to dao's house, made saimin, and watched step brothers, that movies is fucken nonsense, but hillarious! :P
after, i walked to jasmine's house, chillled there, then went to walmart, and then back to her house, had a really really really deep conversation.
i seriously was about to start crying, she got me thinking hard foreal about everything, shes right, i do have to figure out what i want, and he has to figure out what he wants as well.
idk .. i just dont know anymore, fuck, i fucken miss you -_-
to late now .. whatever.

then after, adrian came to pick me up, went in front of my house, talked stories, got bored, so we went to crystals house.
omg i was so happppy! seeing her again, i havent seen her for over a month ;( haw.
it was a reunion for the three of us! cause were the ones who was being the most MIA out of everyone! hahaha " the squirly ones " :P
it was funny though, talking stories, reminiscin, and talking loads of shit about you! you fucking ugly african queen lookin' piece of shit, i like kick your face! nails to the world bitch! hahahhaha.
and then yeah, it was gettin late, so adrian took me home.
on the way home though, we tried to steal this blinking light that was on the sign! but then when i tried grabbing it, it was stuck!
and then i fucken stepped in this cum looookin thing! ew! ;( hahah
but will be back for that light thingy tomorrow, after we go walmart! :D

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