Wednesday, March 4, 2009

if i could,

i would .. those days when i feel like the WHOLE WORLD is against me, is when i missss you most.

HMMMM, regular fucken day, again
got to school late, and my teacher and i had a little talk about me needing to come to class on time, oh well fuck you! im not coming on time, its so boring! hahaha.
in second period, i diddd my work! and stupid kaika, omg you like me die yeah?! dummy! hahaha i did not wana put that shit in my bag!
at lunch, i was all happy hyperish again! janel brought red velvet cupcakes, ouh yummmy! :D for davins birthday, oh yeah, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVIN! :P
and then i just talked storrrries with whoever ..
in third period, it was really really boring, i wanted to sleep, but im failing that class, so i had to do all my backwork -_- yuck.
in fourth, whatever, it was ugly, ahaha!

afterschooool, waited in the front with danielle chas kawika and noli, then dao's brother took us to her house.
ate cheeezy double beef burrito's and cheezy fiesta patatoes with baja blast! ^_^ YUM, .. reminded me of someone though ;( haw so unfair .. mmmmmhm.
and then idk, chilllled.

OH BTW! IS THERE A MR BOUNTY?!?! LMFAO! stupid fucken danielle making up anykine nonsense names.
and then yeah, danielle and tisha walked me home halfway
and i had to walk the other half by myself, omg so fucken scary.
there were these three guys singing to me while i passed by, " hey sexxxay lady, i wanna get to know you " so fucken unecessary! hahaha!

okay bye.
HOLY SHIT! i just noticed .. but today woulve been 1 and 8, wowww.

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