Tuesday, March 17, 2009

it sucks

when you put yourself out there again, waiting and waiting around, and come to find out, your proably only gonna be waiting around for nothing.
" its hard waiting around for something you know might NEVER happen, but its harder to give up when you know its everything you always wanted "

MMMMHM, anyways ..
dont ever go to the little caesars in ewa beach!
they fucken suck at liffffe! omg!
my stuffed crazy bread didnt even have cheese in it! like at all! and me and danielles pizza was supposed to be half cheese and half pepporoni, and it was only fucken cheese! and the stupid cashier almost charged us for two crazy bread! >:| BAD FUCKEN SERVICE. yuck

annnnyways, besides that, school was okay
same old shit, blah blah blah.

afterschool, went to danielle's house and ate the stupid ugly pizza.
watched good luck chuck, and in the movie it said that theres only one sunset in anartica and i beleived! until i googled it and it was a lie! >:|
i wanted to like ask someone to take me there one day and watch the sunset with me, but no! its a lie! got my hopes up for nothing >:| so erking! ahah.
thenn yeah, stayed a little while longer, then walked alll the way home.

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