Monday, March 16, 2009

lucky charms!

was amazzzzzing!
it felt like it was a fucken bad ass dream!
danced the whole night with whoever, got lightshows, sniffed vicks/blowed vicks in my eyes, techno techno techno! sat on the floor, trippped the fuck out, gooodshit man ^_^ ahah!
made new friends, made up with old friends! shit i loved everyone! :D wooohoo hellokitty next weekend! ( idk yet still debating) gotta slow the fuck down.. haha.
shitttt, i'm so damn tired to -_- i just wanna sleep! came home bout, 430ish almost 5 in the morning! blah
anyways, heres some pictures from lastnight! & friday!
friday ..
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saturday .. and yeah i know its allll fucken hash, i look naaails, it was so fucken hot to the worllllld in there!
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.. and still in the back of my mind, every damn day, i think about you

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