Tuesday, March 3, 2009

regular day

at schoool, nothin' new.
1st period, i just sat there, grinding on my food!
and my teacher didnt even talk to me today :D i was so happy that i didnt have to hear her irratating voice, yuck.
second period, i ACTUALLY did my work! well cause, everyone was forcing me -_- so erking, lol
at lunch, i had to tell abbby my story! haw i wanted to cry, but she made me feel better, i love you abby :D
third period, we had to take like 5 tests?! WTF i cheated on every single one! bwuahahaha!
and in fourth i couldnt stop laughing! cause chanel, idk she stupid. haha

afterschooool, took a nice long nap :D it felt good, didn't do that in awhile.
jas was supposed to come over but .. i didnt hear me phone ringing? so i missed her calls, oh well, lol.

lately, i beeen thinkin', and seems like your always avoidin' me now days, and yeah idk what to do.
truth is, i still got mad feelins' for ya,
but theres nothing i can do or say about it.
" if he wants you, hell do whatever it takes" I LIVE off that quote.

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