Wednesday, March 11, 2009


that other blog .. cause that was to mean!
see what pms does to you! hahahaha, i was just really pissed in third period, yeah whatever.

ok so yeah, today is wed niz day, yes thats how i pronounce it :]
anyyyyywho, first period, ew ms. ross came back -_- ugh nasty!
and in second period, had a test, just copied danielle's test :P lol
and then watched more of blood in and blood out, it just keeps getting more and more interesting!
at lunch, talked stories, took pictures, blah blah, went in the back of the building w/danielle jas noli chas char n april, praticed hardstyling! lol. so stuuupid, who cares!
in third pd. did workkkk, and yeah, i was so irratated -_-
in fourth, talked stories with jas chanel and edddddy sin.
afterschool, went to danielles house, we have no lives,
we sat on her living room floor from 3-4:30 eating saimin and watching bratz! omg that movie is hillarious!
and then after ate mochi ice cream :D

best kept secret, ever .. bwuahahahha.

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