Thursday, March 5, 2009

sometimes ..

I JUST DONT KNOW -_- oiwehvncoivskdvnc moidj ugh, i wishhhh.. -_- nvm.
stressssin' every fucken day, so erking
or maybe its just cause i'm gona get my period soon! >:| YUCKKY.
hm not gona worry bout anything for now, just gona keep everything to myself ;]

blah blah blah. ANYWAYYS! school was okay,
in first period, didn't do much, i wanted to sleep
in second, watched blood in blood out, i likkke that movie! " VATO LOCOS, ESSSSAY! " or however you spellll it! and the whole guy on guy action sucking fingers?!?! wtf is with he homo shit?! HAHA
then kaikkkka was rapping to me so loud, " can i whisper in your ear?" hahahah! excuse me?! who do you think you are? lmao.
at lunch, stayed with abby jas danielle chanel kevin kaika and his friend most offff the time, just talked stories and whatev.
third period, i drew on paint :D omg i fucken love my artwork! its fucken beautifull! ill put up them on here later on! lol
and then in fourth, i fell asleep cause the lights were off, it felt good :D
i had to stay afterschool with kevin and danielle -_- omg so erking
i went to ms deai's class to do work, and then WTF?! i didnt get shit done, cause i had to go walkking around with kevin gettin our evaluation shit signed! ughhh i hated walking -_- to much stairs!
and to much hugs from ervinne! damnit! hahahaa
and then, danielles mom picked us up, and then got food, and then i went home, and took a nap ^_^

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