Thursday, March 19, 2009


is a new word i learned today, cause they said that the walmart thing was a hoax, meaning a lie! hahahaha.
so fucken dixxxx to the world whoever decided to give out that text message saying that there was gona be a shooting and shit. i got like 5 of those text messsages!
i got scared! me and adrian was supposed to go walmart today!
so ruin my plans >:| ugh!

hmmmm anyways, today was okay, first period, i was getting irratated by the one toned voice girl! she sounds like a fucken girl version of napolean! yuck.
and in second period, I SWEAR MY TEACHER WAS ON SOMETHING.
like, his eyes were all red and shit, and he was dancing, and singing baby songs, and like wtf .. idk, but whatever he was on i wanna be on it! hahahahahaha! jk.
then we played musical chairs, but i got out cause jasmine, omg fuckyou bitch! :P
then i was getttting so irratated, cause THAT bitch was all like " lets turn this place into a rave, and lets take ecstasy and fucken go crazy "
and then specifically looked at me jasmine brandon and kawika them.
EXCUUUUSE ME BITCH?! puhlease, your just mad cause you dont do it likkkke us! hahaha fucken stupid ew!
ho but i swearrrrrr! i was so fucken ready to kick her fucken face!
at lunch .. yeah, idk, boring, same goes for third period, and fourth period.
then yeah, caught bus home with kevin! omg i never caught the bus in a hella long time! ;( i was sad being in there, plus somebody was stink to! smelt like twitching whopper .. haha inside joke*
okay, gona hit the shower, then hit the sheets, peace.

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