Sunday, March 22, 2009

sushi lovers

ahah i love chelsy ridge rachel and adrian :D forever and a day
lastnight was crazzzy! went around everywhere! and just yeah! omg! hahahaha.
every 21 of the month were all gona get together and eat "dinner" again and eat our "sushi" hahahaha, wasabi me! lmfao inside jokes*
body fucken hurts right now though, my back is killin me and my legs! ;( thats the suckyy part about it, hmph.

well i'm at chelsys house right now, gona go shower soon, kbye.
OHBTW, after springbreak, cuttttting down on that shit FOREAL.
gotta get a hold of myself, snap back into reality and focus on it
hm but all i can say is .. lifes been good for me, besides vvv THAT.

.. and i'm guessing you want me to forget about you, and all our promises.
i knew that you wouldnt keep your word, i still am
you proably dont even know how hard i keep fallin, for you -_-

you keep gettin my hopes up, and then just leave me off wondering and waiting around. i told you, that i don't wanna be waiting around for nothing.
and sometimes i wonder if everything you ever said to me was true.

and i'm just letting you know now, i dont like my mind being fucked around with
ive had ENOUGH from all the other guys who put me through shit, im seriously tired of being hurt
so please dont tell me thats what your doing with me, if so, tell me and ill just completely leave you alone if thats what you want, cause it sure seems like it.

seriously cut the sweetalking, and tell me straight up what you want

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