Thursday, March 12, 2009

i'm so xcited!

i cannnnn't wait till it's the weekend! omg! omg! omg! :D
if my mommmm doesnt let me go, i think i gon kill myself already! lol!
on friday, go cruise with jess justin and ridge them in crestview, its been awhile.
and on saturday, luckkkkycharms! hopefully it works out!
but yyyyeah, anyways, i hada really good day today!
woke up, got readyyy for school, and in first period, talked stories with jas danielle nikki and kawika, while eating my noodles and chicken! yum! and in second, watched and finished blood in, blood out! i like that movie, its goooooood.
at lunch, stayed with danielle chas april and char in the back of d building, hardstyling, and went back inside, and did whatevvver.
third period, omg i'm so scared that i might fail that classs ;( i really really hope not ;( i did my worrrk, and kept yelling at danielle, i'm so sorry for hitting you :P love you momma! lol!
and then yeah, me and jas were so happy, cause of our "phones" :D bwuahaha fuckyou.
and thenin fourth, just listenend to my ipod, and sang with chanel.
afterschoool, went to ms. deai's did some work, and then went to tacobell, " cheezy double beef burrito with a medium baja blast " :P
then went home, and took a nap.
now i gotttta do all my backwork -_- ugh, catchyyyalaters!

-if were meant to be, it'll find its way, right? ..
- who knows, but i really want it to happen

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