Monday, March 16, 2009

woke up

with my body aching, i wanted to like fucken just die already -_-
but whatever, got up, and got ready anyways.
schoool, ew first period was disssgusting to the world i was grouchy and all bitchy and shit, the only good thing about it was my egg sandwich! YUM! ^_^
second period, i slept the wholllle damn time! omg i felt so good after!!!
at lunch, stayed with jas danielle chas noli and april.
talked about saturdayyy, oh how i miss it so much ;( lol!
next week again! for chasity's birthday!
third period, i workkkkked my ass off! holy shit, tried to get all my work done, so hopefully it goes to a B :D
in fourth, watched a movie, so sad, the students were like hitting the poor old teachers head on the floor, i felt so baddd.
then afterschool, i went straight home, finished myy chalkandwire thing.
then took a long four hour nap ^_^ yummy, haha!

[20:38]: everytime i see you or talk to you or even think about you, i still feel the same feelings i have for you
[20:38]: so dats a guarentee a promise i can keep

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