Friday, March 27, 2009


i fucken wish wish wish WISHH WISHHHH! my wish comes true.


.. and again i blog so damn late that it doesnt show up on the right date .. yeh whatever.
today i stayed home most of the day, slept in till like 1 or something.
then showered, walked to chasitys house, dropped off money, then me and chas walked to chans.
the stupid bitch wasnt answering our phone calls, so we just went inside her house, and grabbed her money from her mom!
ahhhhomg! tomorrow! im so Xcited! :D but if my mom doesnt let me go .. i gon fucken cry! ;(
after, walked home, then chan came over, then jas
chillled for awhile, then walked back to chans house, kev them came after, hardstyled, then wenttt home.
hm .. im feelin some ice cream right bout now, chan left hers! gona eat her shit! ahah yay! fuckyou bitch!

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