Saturday, February 28, 2009

dont play

minnnnnd games with me -_-

a little recap

on lasttttt night.
hm, it was okay .. didn't really get to go out.
went to kalihi, met up with chels and brandy, then back to ewa beach
cruised at danielles and jasmine's house.

then after, went to my house, and yeah just stayed here
so borrrrrring to the world!
and then after, sneaked out, and just went drivinnn' around ewa beach
blah blah blah, now i'm tired, got in at four, and i just wannna sleep -_- haha.
okay gona go shower now, bye.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

my dad said

erking to the worrrrrld! ugh ;( i like cry!

toooday, was allright.
went to school late AS USUAL
and jasmine brought me pizzzza and a breadstick :D i fucking love her.
and in second period, i was just listening to music, and throwing paper balls into the trash can, and hollly shit! eye candy! ;]
bwuahahaha, right chanel?! :P shut up.
and then yeah, at lunch, took pics with abbby them, and just talked stories with everyone.
didnt feel like going third period, so me and krisha ditched and went to tacobell, cause i was suppppper hungry!
then my sister picked us up, and we dropped krisha back to school,
and then me and my sister, just went cruising around for the rest of the day, then took me home, and i toook a long relaxxing nap :D


.. it better be worth it!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

boring day,

" tu me manque "
oh and heres pics from the weekend,
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
FYI! we dont usually smile like that keh .. its just cause yeah!!! hahahaha i love them.

Monday, February 23, 2009

" for every woman,

theres a man that will make her stronger ..
and for every man, theres a woman that will make him change "
- myself.

interesting yeah? i was thinkin' bout it in classsss, and like wtf. lol, TRUE SHIT.


thinkkkkkin' .. -_- blah, whatever already.

happy birthday to me! :D

allright birthDAY, but gooood birthday WEEKEND! :D holllly shit! lol

this morning, my mom woke me and chels up, and suprising me with my birthday gift! ipod touch ^_^ yay!
didnt show that i was that happy, cause me and chels didnt have enough sleep, came home like around 2ish 3ish -_- fuckkk im so tired
but it was fucken worth it! ahah.

then got ready, and went out to eat lunch with my family
ate at the resteraunt that we ate at last year ..
reminded me of SOMEONE -_- hmmmm, anyways!
after, my cousin dropped us off, and we met up with karlo them.
then yeahhhhhhhhh. blah blah blah
watched fired up, UGLY ASS MOVIE EVER! it was fucken unecessary! lol

well yeah, gona go shower, then sleep
i'm so tired from this past weekend -_- allright, peace.

oh and, promise? my assssssssssssss. hoikndsfcuiz8ousfjmsoyidjupoijkds

Saturday, February 21, 2009


for adrian to come and pick me and chels up, ommmmmmg
hes taking forever! ommmmmg!

yay, i get to eat a tuna rollllll tonight! :D bwuahhaha

Friday, February 20, 2009


Xcitedddddd! bwuahahahah! :D

Thursday, February 19, 2009


two or three of my fucken classes?! omg.
yeah, gonnnna go MIA for awhile, cause shit i gotta catch up on my work -_-

catch me iffffff ya can, laters.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

im having a really bad day

today ..
I WANTED to go to geinki's but NO, stupid dao wanted to come to third period.
now im fucken stuck here, and now jasmines crying, cause of stupid boys.
ughhhhh, i hate boys, they give you so much fucken stress ;( HMPH.

.. gona ditch fourth period, and go eat geinki's! i need that shit right now :D
fuck i wannnnna spicy tuna ROLLLLLLLLLLLLLL >:|

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

two assignments

done, and im to lazy to do the rest of my shit.
i told myself, i wasn't gona slack that much in school anymore, but oh wells ..
im suppppper tired right now! i don't even know why, i slept early last night to!

ughhhh class is boring, my eyes are heavy
blog when i get home, jas is comin' over, okay, peace.

Monday, February 16, 2009

president's day

idk we need a day for them?! so fucken waste, hahaha.
well atleast theres no school :D

mmmmhm, anyways .. today i woke up around 9! idk why i woke up so fucken early, hawww i miss sleeping in and then going out late, then coming home late.
idk why i don't do that anymore?! ahah next weekend i'll start again.
and then yeah .. waited around for plans, i wanted to like go out out today! but yyyeah nobody was doing anything
so i just went to dao's hale, got there around 2.
and ate my asssssss offf! :D bwuahaha!
ate spaghetti that made me feel like paluing big time! -_- omg.
and then dao made me saimin with egg and calamansi :D YUM!
then, jas came over, and we walked to tcby!
dao bought me yogurt :D ahaha i love her!

then went back to dao's house, and i ate again! pork adobo! haha
and then, around 9, i walkkkked ALL THE WAY home.
i didn't mind though, i like walking now, gives me time to think bout things alone.


was the best day of my weekend :D

got ready, and went out with my sister
went shoppppin'. and then picked up chels, at her house
went to jess's house, and just waited there for awhile.
went to ruben's partttty, and just chilled over there
then mico came to pick us up, and went back to kalihi
dropped off chelsy, then they took me home,

and fuck i noticed, that i always blog to late, so when i blog, its the wrong mother fucken date -_- uggggghhhh! haha.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

i miss

the guy who knows what to do and say just to make me happy.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

happy valentines day!

hmph, i don't have a valentines, but oh wells whatever, idgaf! hahahahahaha.

last night, i felt gooood :D couldve been better, but oh wells theres always next weekend!
btw, next week sunday is my 16th birthday! wooooooohooooooo.
i can't fucken wait! :D

.. well blog when i get home later on tonight.
gonnnna go out with crystal them, or hotelparty w/chels.


okay, i'm home now ..
ew today was so fucken wasted forrrreals -_-
i just ended up staying with my sister the whole day, and chels.
we at at millions? my sisters friend treated us.
they have hellla fucken good meat jun :D i was so happy! ahah
and then after, we went to kunia, cause my sister had to do her nails!
and me and chels was so bored just sittttin' in the car trying to find out what to do,
so we met up with adrian at pearls, got him four baloons and wrote anykine shit on it! hahaha it was so cute.
then after, adrian went to a party, so we just waited in the car, then we went to hearns house, then secret* ahaha.
and then dropped off chels.
i got like a big ass baloon and like other small baloons, a rose, and a teddy bear :D from somebody, ahahaha.
i felt so bad, cause i was bein DH to the worrrrrld.
so i stopped by and gave him a hug.

and now im home, and bored, yuck.

.. truth is, i missed you a whole lot today -_-
i really really wanted to see you, and atleast get one of your tight hugs, that i love so much.
hm .. but it can't work that way ..

Thursday, February 12, 2009


and second period was funnnn :D
but i decided to just go home after, cause idk
i didn't feel like stayin' in school

bleh, after awhile, i got bored, since my mom wouldn't let me out again ;( so gayyyyyy!
so i just ended up walking to dao's house! :P
chilllled there for the rest of my day.
and now i'm home.

and like shittttt, i can't get you off my damn mind!
hm, is that a bad thing?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

are there canned mashed potatoes?

i asked danielllle, and she doesnt know! haha.
i was wondering, cause i saw this girl holding a bag of heart baloons for valentines day and it looked like cans! haha.
aw speaking of valentines day! i don't gotttt one, so sad ;( its commin' up really soon already, in like 3 days! holy shit.
and my birthday's coming up, in 11 more days! wow, sweeeet sixteen!
i wannna like _____ my ass off! hahaha :D hopefully!

hm, i was so happy in second period when i got a text from someone*
i seriously jumped! and said yay! hahahha.
haven't got that in awhile :D

hahahah danielle's fucken blind as fuck! she fucken sucks at life! lmfao!
well yeah, blog when i get home, byyyyyye!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

i have ass cramps

im in third period, finished up two of my assignments, and im done for the day.
even though i still have a load of shit to do.

i reallly, don't like school right now.
it's fucken boring to the world!
omg, holy fucken shit, im trippin! i swear to god i dont remember typing " its fucken boring to the world" wtf?!?!? hahahahah!

first and second period was naaaaails -_- yuck.
hm, and my mind keeps wandering off into space or something, i cant concentrate good
i felt like i was in my own world the whole day! bleh.
hm just got a call from chelsy so yeah, gona talk to her

blog when i get home, or i might go out afterschool, dont know yet but yeah,

hm, yeah im home now.
my sister picked me up from school, and just went cruisin' around with her and her friends.
went to chelsys house, to color her hurrr.
and then after, went home.

hmph, another damn day without talkin' to ya -_-
gay gay gay.

Monday, February 9, 2009

it's fucken sad

when people you know become people you knew, when you can walk right past someone like they were never a big part of your life. how you used to be able to talk for hours, and how now,
you can barely even look at them.

i hate mondays.

cause it's the start of the new weeeeek.
got to class late as usual, like every damn day, haha
i had meaaaaan ass heart burn! i couldnt even move, i felt like crying ;( seriously.
and stupid zack was just making fun of me.

second period, i just satttt there listening to the ipod, and played pepito with jiovanne them,
at lunch, went to ramiscals to play round with the comps.
then third period was so uggggly! i wanted to cry cause me and danielles convo ;( hahaha fuck!
at 4th pd, didnt do anything, i just sat there playing with someones duck? it was soooo soft! haha.
then yeah, got picked up, now im home.

being grounded fucken sucks -_-
but yayyy! i get to go out this weekend forsure :D
proably not gona go to my 3rd and 4thpd tomorrrow, just dont feel like it,

annnnnnnnnnd yeah, IMSU BIG TIME.
it feels different not hearin' from you for the whole day
suckkkkkkks ass! and i dont like it
mhmmmm -_-

and apparently,

you can handle not talking to me, so i guess thats how its gona be, huh?


hmmmm, had a very interesting convo. with crystal on the phone earlier,
and like shes right, i gotta stop falling for the wrong guys -_-
i'm just gona find myself hurt again, and i dont want that
i can't and wont let myself make the same mistakes again
i am a good girl, i never did fuck a guy over once,
so i do deserve someone who's gonnna treat me right.
but, its hard to not fall for someone who knows just what to say to make you feel good, and who understands you, and that you could talk to them bout anything for hours.
why wouldnt you fall for that?
well for now, im guessing that i should just leave you alone, if thats what you want.
thanks for always making me smile, and making me super happy.
im always gona be here for ya when you need someone to talk to.
i know that your a good guy deep inside, despite all the rumors ive heard about you
so i just hope you stay happy :D , and not all sad like when i first met you.

i remember that you told me, " theres gona be that one guy whos gona cry in the middle of the night, right after he only sees you tear" hm, to bad you couldnt be that guy ..

Sunday, February 8, 2009


your life to it's fullest, laugh too much, smile too much, because every sixty seconds you spend being upset, is another minute of hapiness you'll never get back.

so erking,

alreadyyyyy, this whole situation.
i don't know why you cant just leave me alone, seriously i dont even like you
saying that hes gettin in the way of our relationship, WHAT RELATIONSHIP?! so fucken erking.

haw, im bummmmed out big time ;(
your gona stop talking to me now just cause of him?
i really dont care about him, i care about you.
he doesn't make me happy, you do.
i cant talk to him the way i talk to you, we just click.
YEAH I KNOW, im gettting myself into a big mess
everyone doesnt need to fucken remind me,
i know what im doing ..
its what i want, not what others want.
i cant fucken help who i like.
annnnd if your just gona leave me alone like this, then its your choice.
even though i really dont want us to stop talking ..
ughhhhhhh -_- idk anymore.

Friday, February 6, 2009

it was hot

and now im freeezing! wtf?
in third period again, bored bored bored.

haha danielle didnt know that you have to be 18 to go into chuck e cheeeezin.
lol, she sucks at life, poor girl.

ANYWAYS, schoool's gay, i hate school, fuck so ugly
im gona go downnn today, im excited :D ahah

BLOG WHEN I GET HOME, if i'm not lazzzzzy
okay bye!

k home, and i got bussssted -_- fuck so erking!
ANYWAYS, today was alllright, well towards the ending anyways
got a ride with my sister to hearn's grandmas house
met up with everyone.
then went to hearns house, then to perrry park
me hearn, & adrian was playing tag, it was fuckennnn funny
i got tired, and felt like paluing after, so i didn't wana play anymore
then after, we went back to hearn's grandmas house.
chilllled outside, i was so hyper, we took pictures and everything
then mico bought me and chels icecream! :D it was good.
but i got sick of it after, cause of alll the sprinkles

then after, my sister came to pick me and chels up, and went somewhere fast kine.
and then she took us to perry park, met up with everyone again
me and chels was just throwing the ballll everywhere, lol
and then idk, people so erking, i wanted to go home
but decided not to, and then went to mcd's, GOT MY HUG :D lol.
then went back to mico's hale.

i couldn't stop smiling the whole night again :D hahahahaha

Thursday, February 5, 2009

today is so

DEAD, like someone got shot or something .. hahaha.
im in class, and i'm supposed to be doing my caption and reflection but yeah,
im lazy, and my back hurts REALLLY REALLY bad.

hm, a recap on yesterday ..
caught bus to waipahu with krisha, and then crystal met up with us.
caught ride with her, to kalihi.
dropped krisha off at kopke, ew saw someone so fucken karippppp, sickening :P lol.
then after went to tacobell, got a cheezy double beef burrito :D besttt shit ever from there! and it reminds me of someone .. lol.
after, met up with alll adrian and mico them.

then went up to perrry park, kept laughing at adrian cause he kept pushing everyone down with his belllly! lmao.
after, went to mico's house to pee, then went to kopke.
just stayed there for the rest of the night.
awwww, i was sad cause i didn't get my hug ;( so unfair!

thennnn yeah, mom called yelling at me, cause she said to come early, but i didn't.
well whatever, idc, lol.

ok bye! :D

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

i have alot of energy,

righhhhht now!
im in class, and me and danielle can't shut the fuck up :D YAY
her stupid twister is going over the dessert now! lol

and i can't wait till afterschool, im seriously, fucken happy


blog when i get home, bye.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

i'm so happy

today :D
fuck i love my life now days, seriously.

like idk, something just makes me so fucken happy! and hyper! hahahaha.
im in class right now, and i cooled down from lunch,
but at lunch i was so hyper! i kept running around with danielle and jasmine
fighting over the ipod! and i kept staring at the sky and the trees, ahahaha
shit, i felt like i was onnnnn it .. i wish, haha.

then we were throwing the camera around everywhere, tryna fuck it up
so danielle could get another one.
buttt, i didnt work, it just looks ugly now!

mmmmmhm. anyways,
gona blog when i get home from danielles house! k bye! :D

Monday, February 2, 2009

i love smiling

at myyyyy phone in class :D
just because of my text messages ..
the guy who sits across of me goes, " your weird! you smile at your phone " :P, so what?!?!?! lol.

^ that was in third period.
today was really boring, school was ugly!
.. and lately i been thinking, and i dont know what im gettin' myself into again.
;( i dont wannnna find myself caught up in another mess
for now, im just letting whatever happens happen, and im goin with the flow ;]

"It's hard to wait around for something you know might never happen, but it's harder to give up when you know it's everything you always wanted."

it ain't right

but hey, you can't help who you like right?

so unfair ..

today was okkkkkay, supposed to go out with adrian, but he got stuck at home.
i was stuck at home for awhile, just talking on the phone, laying around eating my asssss off, got bored ..
so my sister, dropped me off at mommmma danielles hale buu! lol
chanel danielle justin june brandon and tisha was there
brandon left early, so me and danielle was inside her room talking stories while everyone else was playing video games.

got borrrred, so i ate like 2 cups of ice cream hahahaha
and then we all went outside, and just chillled
i tried climbing the fence onto the roof, but i almost fell hahaha.
then around 7 walked june chanel and justin to the busstop.
walked back to daniellles house, and then walked around cause we were bored, and i felt likkke walking alot! haha.
went back in, and just stayed in her room
supposed to do work but slackkked so much!
then her dad dropped me offfff home.

oh and today was superbowl! haha

Sunday, February 1, 2009

it started

offf boring today, we just sat in crystals car, and sang songs
really really loud.

then got borrred, so chilled at alamoana beach park
then went to walmarrrrt, cause i had to pee! lol
ouh bought lichee (= yummmmm!
then, went to ilikai hotel, in the backk.
and just ran around in the sand, and wrote
"I HOY RABINATTTI" hahaha inside joke* with chels,
i love inside jokes :D

affffter, headed back to kalihi and chilled outside of hearns house
laughed & talked stories.

i love hugs.