Monday, February 16, 2009

president's day

idk we need a day for them?! so fucken waste, hahaha.
well atleast theres no school :D

mmmmhm, anyways .. today i woke up around 9! idk why i woke up so fucken early, hawww i miss sleeping in and then going out late, then coming home late.
idk why i don't do that anymore?! ahah next weekend i'll start again.
and then yeah .. waited around for plans, i wanted to like go out out today! but yyyeah nobody was doing anything
so i just went to dao's hale, got there around 2.
and ate my asssssss offf! :D bwuahaha!
ate spaghetti that made me feel like paluing big time! -_- omg.
and then dao made me saimin with egg and calamansi :D YUM!
then, jas came over, and we walked to tcby!
dao bought me yogurt :D ahaha i love her!

then went back to dao's house, and i ate again! pork adobo! haha
and then, around 9, i walkkkked ALL THE WAY home.
i didn't mind though, i like walking now, gives me time to think bout things alone.

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