Saturday, February 14, 2009

happy valentines day!

hmph, i don't have a valentines, but oh wells whatever, idgaf! hahahahahaha.

last night, i felt gooood :D couldve been better, but oh wells theres always next weekend!
btw, next week sunday is my 16th birthday! wooooooohooooooo.
i can't fucken wait! :D

.. well blog when i get home later on tonight.
gonnnna go out with crystal them, or hotelparty w/chels.


okay, i'm home now ..
ew today was so fucken wasted forrrreals -_-
i just ended up staying with my sister the whole day, and chels.
we at at millions? my sisters friend treated us.
they have hellla fucken good meat jun :D i was so happy! ahah
and then after, we went to kunia, cause my sister had to do her nails!
and me and chels was so bored just sittttin' in the car trying to find out what to do,
so we met up with adrian at pearls, got him four baloons and wrote anykine shit on it! hahaha it was so cute.
then after, adrian went to a party, so we just waited in the car, then we went to hearns house, then secret* ahaha.
and then dropped off chels.
i got like a big ass baloon and like other small baloons, a rose, and a teddy bear :D from somebody, ahahaha.
i felt so bad, cause i was bein DH to the worrrrrld.
so i stopped by and gave him a hug.

and now im home, and bored, yuck.

.. truth is, i missed you a whole lot today -_-
i really really wanted to see you, and atleast get one of your tight hugs, that i love so much.
hm .. but it can't work that way ..

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