Wednesday, February 11, 2009

are there canned mashed potatoes?

i asked danielllle, and she doesnt know! haha.
i was wondering, cause i saw this girl holding a bag of heart baloons for valentines day and it looked like cans! haha.
aw speaking of valentines day! i don't gotttt one, so sad ;( its commin' up really soon already, in like 3 days! holy shit.
and my birthday's coming up, in 11 more days! wow, sweeeet sixteen!
i wannna like _____ my ass off! hahaha :D hopefully!

hm, i was so happy in second period when i got a text from someone*
i seriously jumped! and said yay! hahahha.
haven't got that in awhile :D

hahahah danielle's fucken blind as fuck! she fucken sucks at life! lmfao!
well yeah, blog when i get home, byyyyyye!

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