Thursday, February 5, 2009

today is so

DEAD, like someone got shot or something .. hahaha.
im in class, and i'm supposed to be doing my caption and reflection but yeah,
im lazy, and my back hurts REALLLY REALLY bad.

hm, a recap on yesterday ..
caught bus to waipahu with krisha, and then crystal met up with us.
caught ride with her, to kalihi.
dropped krisha off at kopke, ew saw someone so fucken karippppp, sickening :P lol.
then after went to tacobell, got a cheezy double beef burrito :D besttt shit ever from there! and it reminds me of someone .. lol.
after, met up with alll adrian and mico them.

then went up to perrry park, kept laughing at adrian cause he kept pushing everyone down with his belllly! lmao.
after, went to mico's house to pee, then went to kopke.
just stayed there for the rest of the night.
awwww, i was sad cause i didn't get my hug ;( so unfair!

thennnn yeah, mom called yelling at me, cause she said to come early, but i didn't.
well whatever, idc, lol.

ok bye! :D

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