Tuesday, February 10, 2009

i have ass cramps

im in third period, finished up two of my assignments, and im done for the day.
even though i still have a load of shit to do.

i reallly, don't like school right now.
it's fucken boring to the world!
omg, holy fucken shit, im trippin! i swear to god i dont remember typing " its fucken boring to the world" wtf?!?!? hahahahah!

first and second period was naaaaails -_- yuck.
hm, and my mind keeps wandering off into space or something, i cant concentrate good
i felt like i was in my own world the whole day! bleh.
hm just got a call from chelsy so yeah, gona talk to her

blog when i get home, or i might go out afterschool, dont know yet but yeah,

hm, yeah im home now.
my sister picked me up from school, and just went cruisin' around with her and her friends.
went to chelsys house, to color her hurrr.
and then after, went home.

hmph, another damn day without talkin' to ya -_-
gay gay gay.

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