Friday, February 6, 2009

it was hot

and now im freeezing! wtf?
in third period again, bored bored bored.

haha danielle didnt know that you have to be 18 to go into chuck e cheeeezin.
lol, she sucks at life, poor girl.

ANYWAYS, schoool's gay, i hate school, fuck so ugly
im gona go downnn today, im excited :D ahah

BLOG WHEN I GET HOME, if i'm not lazzzzzy
okay bye!

k home, and i got bussssted -_- fuck so erking!
ANYWAYS, today was alllright, well towards the ending anyways
got a ride with my sister to hearn's grandmas house
met up with everyone.
then went to hearns house, then to perrry park
me hearn, & adrian was playing tag, it was fuckennnn funny
i got tired, and felt like paluing after, so i didn't wana play anymore
then after, we went back to hearn's grandmas house.
chilllled outside, i was so hyper, we took pictures and everything
then mico bought me and chels icecream! :D it was good.
but i got sick of it after, cause of alll the sprinkles

then after, my sister came to pick me and chels up, and went somewhere fast kine.
and then she took us to perry park, met up with everyone again
me and chels was just throwing the ballll everywhere, lol
and then idk, people so erking, i wanted to go home
but decided not to, and then went to mcd's, GOT MY HUG :D lol.
then went back to mico's hale.

i couldn't stop smiling the whole night again :D hahahahaha

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