Thursday, February 26, 2009

my dad said

erking to the worrrrrld! ugh ;( i like cry!

toooday, was allright.
went to school late AS USUAL
and jasmine brought me pizzzza and a breadstick :D i fucking love her.
and in second period, i was just listening to music, and throwing paper balls into the trash can, and hollly shit! eye candy! ;]
bwuahahaha, right chanel?! :P shut up.
and then yeah, at lunch, took pics with abbby them, and just talked stories with everyone.
didnt feel like going third period, so me and krisha ditched and went to tacobell, cause i was suppppper hungry!
then my sister picked us up, and we dropped krisha back to school,
and then me and my sister, just went cruising around for the rest of the day, then took me home, and i toook a long relaxxing nap :D

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