Monday, February 9, 2009

and apparently,

you can handle not talking to me, so i guess thats how its gona be, huh?


hmmmm, had a very interesting convo. with crystal on the phone earlier,
and like shes right, i gotta stop falling for the wrong guys -_-
i'm just gona find myself hurt again, and i dont want that
i can't and wont let myself make the same mistakes again
i am a good girl, i never did fuck a guy over once,
so i do deserve someone who's gonnna treat me right.
but, its hard to not fall for someone who knows just what to say to make you feel good, and who understands you, and that you could talk to them bout anything for hours.
why wouldnt you fall for that?
well for now, im guessing that i should just leave you alone, if thats what you want.
thanks for always making me smile, and making me super happy.
im always gona be here for ya when you need someone to talk to.
i know that your a good guy deep inside, despite all the rumors ive heard about you
so i just hope you stay happy :D , and not all sad like when i first met you.

i remember that you told me, " theres gona be that one guy whos gona cry in the middle of the night, right after he only sees you tear" hm, to bad you couldnt be that guy ..

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