Monday, February 23, 2009

happy birthday to me! :D

allright birthDAY, but gooood birthday WEEKEND! :D holllly shit! lol

this morning, my mom woke me and chels up, and suprising me with my birthday gift! ipod touch ^_^ yay!
didnt show that i was that happy, cause me and chels didnt have enough sleep, came home like around 2ish 3ish -_- fuckkk im so tired
but it was fucken worth it! ahah.

then got ready, and went out to eat lunch with my family
ate at the resteraunt that we ate at last year ..
reminded me of SOMEONE -_- hmmmm, anyways!
after, my cousin dropped us off, and we met up with karlo them.
then yeahhhhhhhhh. blah blah blah
watched fired up, UGLY ASS MOVIE EVER! it was fucken unecessary! lol

well yeah, gona go shower, then sleep
i'm so tired from this past weekend -_- allright, peace.

oh and, promise? my assssssssssssss. hoikndsfcuiz8ousfjmsoyidjupoijkds

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