Monday, February 2, 2009

it ain't right

but hey, you can't help who you like right?

so unfair ..

today was okkkkkay, supposed to go out with adrian, but he got stuck at home.
i was stuck at home for awhile, just talking on the phone, laying around eating my asssss off, got bored ..
so my sister, dropped me off at mommmma danielles hale buu! lol
chanel danielle justin june brandon and tisha was there
brandon left early, so me and danielle was inside her room talking stories while everyone else was playing video games.

got borrrred, so i ate like 2 cups of ice cream hahahaha
and then we all went outside, and just chillled
i tried climbing the fence onto the roof, but i almost fell hahaha.
then around 7 walked june chanel and justin to the busstop.
walked back to daniellles house, and then walked around cause we were bored, and i felt likkke walking alot! haha.
went back in, and just stayed in her room
supposed to do work but slackkked so much!
then her dad dropped me offfff home.

oh and today was superbowl! haha

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