Monday, February 9, 2009

i hate mondays.

cause it's the start of the new weeeeek.
got to class late as usual, like every damn day, haha
i had meaaaaan ass heart burn! i couldnt even move, i felt like crying ;( seriously.
and stupid zack was just making fun of me.

second period, i just satttt there listening to the ipod, and played pepito with jiovanne them,
at lunch, went to ramiscals to play round with the comps.
then third period was so uggggly! i wanted to cry cause me and danielles convo ;( hahaha fuck!
at 4th pd, didnt do anything, i just sat there playing with someones duck? it was soooo soft! haha.
then yeah, got picked up, now im home.

being grounded fucken sucks -_-
but yayyy! i get to go out this weekend forsure :D
proably not gona go to my 3rd and 4thpd tomorrrow, just dont feel like it,

annnnnnnnnnd yeah, IMSU BIG TIME.
it feels different not hearin' from you for the whole day
suckkkkkkks ass! and i dont like it
mhmmmm -_-

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