Friday, December 5, 2008

NO school

so i just met up with crystal, and we drove to town
picked up alexis, then went to get my state ID.
the lady said the line was reallllly long, so i just said fuck em
and left.

after, we went to warrrd, and applied for local fever.
idc if that place is sucky, i just needa' job.

farrington was almost finished by then, so we stopped by jacks
n then headed back to kalihi
went to hearns grandmas house, chilled till we got bored

& then after me crystal allan & alexxis went to don quijote, then allans house,
watched chronicles of narnia :D lol so funnny the bear :P and cute asssss mouse!
then we dropped off alexis to kopke, then went to my house, and then crystal left.

TODAY was supposed to be .. 1yr n' 5months.
im never eva gona forget,
but, it doesnt phase me that much anymore, i'm gettin over it

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