Sunday, December 7, 2008


weekend :D

on friday, didn't reallly do anythin' just chilled with crystal allan babe, n' chrispy most of the time.

SATURDAY, i woke up
got readddddy, and i had to set up for my cousins first birthday party at my house.
after, got bored .. so my sister picked me up
we went to kmart, n' walmart.
then we went to her house, played rockband :D n' yeh... her boyfriends gma is so scareh! o_O

then at 5, she dropped me off to chelsys hale, lmao
went with her n' her mom to alas, walked around n' stuff
then got dropped off at kopke,
met up with everyone for babes birthday, oh yeh HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY BABE! :D LIKKKKKEYOU ASSHOLE.

anyways, when we got there no one was really there yet
then we all started takin' shots, then so much fucken people came
i dont remember much, i was just walkin' around talking to everyone most of the time, lol
and everyone else was likkke super loud and shit
then after the stupid ugly bitchasssss cops came, so erking
so me chels meldrick n' alexis ran to this dark place to hide lmao
then after had to end the night early,
n' headed to marks grandpas house.
it was so crazy in there o_O lol,
crstl, babe, mark squirlllleh n' mark L knocked out.
so me allan n' chrispy, decided to go back to kopke,

there was no excitement there, so we just left back to the house.
shhhhhit, my head was poundin' this morning, and i didnt get ANY sleep -_-
when i woke up, everyone was up except for allan
we were allll talkin' stories bout how fucked up everyone was, lol
i didnt even know i punched allan? oops, ahah
then we all walked to mcds to refull ourselves w/fooood
chrispy bought me food! thanks bitch! :D then yeh went backto chels's house, then my mummmma picked me up

soyeh, gona go take a nap now!

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