Tuesday, December 23, 2008

im so lazy

riggggght now, i'm supposed to be gettin' ready to go out
but .. yeh im fucken slacking! hahaha its okay.
im gona blog bout yesterday, then go and get ready ..

so likkkkkke.
i woke up, and got a call from my boyfriend.
he made me catch bus to pearls.
and i fucken waited there for an hour! waiting for him,
and he told me, to just catch bus down to kalihi -_-
i was so maddddd.
but i saw ruben, and just caught bus with him.
met up with babe at zippy's, and just waited for crstl to pick us up,
after went to babes house, waaaaaited for his mother
omg she took so long, she came and gave him money
then we went to ward, walkd around
i was so irrratated! cause the shirts i wanted i couldnt have ;(
then, we went to alas, i bought a new bag, &new slippers.
then we picked up mark
then headed to kopke, it went pretttty well
i had fun! driving adrians car, and poundind em up gulick! lol
after, we went to perrry park to drink.
then back to kopke, then to other places to chill.
around 12ish, me crstl and rig left to go home.
we dropped rig off at his girlfriends house,
then crstl dropped me off home.
and luckily i didn't get busted ^_^

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