Monday, December 22, 2008


oh lordy! i haven't been updating on this ..
i just been so busy lately.

cause hey, it is winter break :D & it's all about cruisin n' relaxin!

.. hm nothin new really. so yeah, just gona blog about yesterday.
yesterday, i went out with my sister to pearlridge
then i saw jasmine, went walking around with her, and almost got caught stealing!
omg so shame .. lol.
then after, i caught the bus to alas, goodness i wasnt even supposed to go out, but yeah whatever, lol.
met up with crystal them.

cruised and stufffff.
hearn had to go to work, and ashley had to go home.
so, me babe crystal mark and marks cousin erica went up to tantlus sp?
welllyeah, was so cold up there! HOLYSSSSHIT NAGA!
and was so dark .. and scary. lol
after, ate at jack in the box, then cruised at hearns house
then crystal dropped me offfff home.

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