Thursday, April 2, 2009

wasted day

of my spring break, me and chels woke up around 12 almost 1.
attte foood! then just sat in my room for over 4 hours -_- omg!
decided to get ready, then met up with brandy chantyle jas danielle noli geraldine ryan and jeremy at geinki's.
ate :D and talked the shitload of storys! funnny asss shit!
then after, waited around for adrian, but he couldnt go out ;(
so i ended up just going home, so fricken gayyyyy to the world.
but it was nice catchin up with everyone again ;] sober fun, and talks about when we aren't sober! hahahahaa.
yesterday, i met up with chels at pearls.
then we went to her house, and waited around for plans
sister picked us up, and we went to crestview, cruise around with ridge nd rozzner them.
movie night at ridges house, watched hair extensions.
i was trippppppppin! then got ride from lex home.

the other day, i waited around my house most of the day
adrian picked me up, and we just went drivinn' around everywhere with chels rachel and anthony, yup.

your getttttting out of my mind slowly, im fricken forcing myself!
the shit i keep hearing about you .. just completely changed my feelings towards you.
it makes me sick to my stomach, i tell ya.
i want a guy as SWEET, as his WORDS.
cause lately, i noticed every guy will say what you wanna hear.
sick of the sweettalkin', with nothin to back it up
big dissapointment.

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