Thursday, April 9, 2009


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I ADMIT I CHEATED, don't know why i did it but i do regret it
nothing that i can do or say can change it, come back ..

my curiosty got the better of me.

im not giving up, never did & never will
we didn't even try one bit to make our relationship work out, we just let everything we had simply fade

9 long months without you, and 1yr and 1month with you down the drain ..
w/without you, beleive me I AM happy im pretty satisfied with life, but i know that it would be a whole lot better with you by my side.

after all this time, i still keep asking myself .. why do i still care for you this much.

.. ew this blog is so fucken emotional, but whatfuckkken ever, im just saying straight up how i feel.

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