Sunday, April 5, 2009

last saturday

of spppppring break, was the " off the shit " noli said, hahahahaa!
walked to chas's house, waited for noli to pick us up
then went to pearls to meet up w/char, then lex picked us up
and we went to janeeeen's, it was fucken cooorazeh! in there .. haha
after, we went to the shop .. i don't even remember how we got there .. seriously. lmao!
got inside .. ew it was so hot, and sweaty, and ewwwwwwwww wtf.
so me chas n char and ridge just went outside and stayed in the cars
then mostly everyone else came outside, and we just cruised and stuff.
after, i sobered up, and then it was boring, so then lex took me home.
ew, one more day .. then fucken back to REALITY -_- i hate school.
heres pictures!
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.. yesterday woulda shoulda coulda been, 1 year and eight months.
haw, where are you now dayyyyyyyyys ;(

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