Tuesday, April 7, 2009


lucky charms! :O WTF?!?! and i ain't getting any better, seriously.
my nose is all stuffy, my throat is killing me! and i feel so fricken cold to the world, hawwwww! being at home is so not a option for me, i wanna get outa here, i swear if i could drive .. id be gone and never ever be home! i keep telling myself im gona get my permit .. and then go drivers ed, then go for my license, but damn i'm so damn lazy. sad, sad, sad. ONE DAY i will, i know it, i beleive in myself .. hahahahaa, sure .. :P i already know how to drive pretty well, but standard .. a whole nother fucken story .. seriously, i suck! haha i always fricken die out! hm .. i want a job to tryna be more damn independent i need money, to support my habits, and shoppppping! :D

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