Tuesday, April 7, 2009

i am fucken badass

like that superhero guy dad thing, in the movie taken ;]
likkkke i don't even know .. watching that movie today, made me and danielle feel so cool! omg so fucken lame, shut up already. hahhaha
yeah .. back to ugly reality today, sickening.
got to school LATE as always, i never do go on time.
sat in first period, just staring .. it felt weird to be back there again.
second period .. i don't know, it was boring, talked stories, same with lunch.
third period, walked with char, and we just talked with arlex branden and tracy? idk the erking guy .. haha.
thank god char's in my class, or i think i would just fucken die already :P
fourth, talked with chanelll, and yeah i noticed i did alot of talking today.
afterschool, went to danielle's house, watched movies, ate saimin, usual.
okay, i gotta do my history project .. it's already 11:28pm.
ohhhhhh no, its gona be a long night ;(

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