Saturday, January 31, 2009


i didn't sleep in this morning.
i usuallly wake up at like 1 or 2, but right not its 11:43 ahah.

yesterday was goooood.
caught bus to meet up with crystal,
then we went to pick up chelsy, then went to kalihi.
picked up jerome francis and cj.
and headed up to chrispy's house,

met up w/everrryone, and then got bored
so we went to play basketball at perrry park, ahah
just sat there, cause no one ever lets me play ;( lmao.
the sky was so pretttty! so me crystal and chels was takking pics.
i climbed the fence thingy, and hearrn kept trying to push me offf, so i fucken almost died -_- but adrian saved me by catching me, but then he made me hang upside down! hahahhaha so funny.

after, we alll went to chrispy's house, and bbqed.
i kept laughing at adrian cause he was drunnnnnk, lmao
and YYYEAH! :D ^_^ (= hahahahah stfu.

got bored, so we walked down to the gas station, i hate walking! ;(
adrian kept throwing up, and saying nonsense unecessary things, lmao
had to go back up, and fit 8 people into adrians smalll ass car! hahaha,
then dropped everyone off, then adrian took me home.

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