Wednesday, January 14, 2009


a whole lot today :D

schooool was okay ..
1stperiod talked stories with tori & danielle
2nd, did my workkkkk,
lunchhhh, was boring
talked stories with abby, and ate lichee candy :D YUM

3rd .. omg so BORING
the stupid daie ady whatever her name is, so erking.
she split me and krisha up, while i was in the middle of a conversation with her.
stupid bitchhhhhh ;( i like switch out!
4th pd, i copied everyones work
and laughed the shitload bout anykine stufffff.

was supposed to go jas's house but i just went to danielle's house instead
was pretttty fun.

ate saiman w/egg and calamansi! YUM

wellll gona shower now .. no sleeping late tonight
last night i only had like 3 hours of sleep? wtf ..
cause i was talking on the phone to long ahah.


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