Thursday, January 29, 2009

im freezing

my assss off right now! WTF
i dont understand this weather, i swear the worlds ending!

ANYWAYS, today, was ok.
got to school late, first period talked stories w/jasssmine & danielle.
i hate ms. ross! ;( stupidddd ladeh.

second period, watched juno!
i wannnna act like her when i get pregnant :D hahahaha
i love this classs, its fucken chill.

at lunch, walked to the manapua man w/ jas danielle chanel and abby
jas kept panic attacking big time! so erking! haha, but i love her
i was grrrrrrindin' on my food cause i was so hungry!
at third period, we had to go to the library
didnt do any work, i just sat there, talkiiin' stories
and i kept getting busted! so erking, lol
fourth period,i was dying! SO BORINNNNG. omg.

afterschooool, me and krisha caught bus to downtown
i dont like over there, yuckkky & gross! :P haha
then adrian and mico picked us up,
krisha went to derins house, and we went to chelsys hale buu! lmao
afffffter, crystal met up with us
went to blazin steaks

so i decided to visit brad, talkkked stories with him
and the littttle girls that i love somuch :D
shit i wouldnt mind havin' them as kiddds, there so adorable! lol
thennnnn, after, i went home,

now im here, n' imtired -_-

OHAND, i decided ..
i ain't gonnna let myself get mixed up in that mess
i like where i am in my life right now, so yeh


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