Friday, January 23, 2009

im on an escalator ..

says ms. daie or whatever,
but i think im on a fucken elevator bitch! HAHAHAHHA

ew, danielle has a pimple.
but i have one to, fuck so uggggggly i like kick em off my face! >;(
& i think jasmines mad at me, just because we hid the ipod from her, im sorrrrry, i love you jasmine amber! :D HAHHAHAHHAHHAHAH!
i love jasmine amber with allll my fucken heart & soul :P

buttttyeh, i'm bored, this class is so quiet.
me and mommma is the only ones laughing in here, except thos samoan girls .. hahahaha.
omg, so scary, they gon killll me, SUWOOOOOP! ufa.

ok goinnn' down today,
blog when i get home, and YAY! i'm so exxxcited for the weekend, some illegal shit w/brandy! :D ^_^

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