Saturday, January 17, 2009


DAY ^_^

around 4 adrian picked me up, stopped bypearls
then went to hearns house.

picked up hearn, then chrispy
then went to meet up with mark and crstl.
went to menchies to turn in my application :P

then went to geinki's, attte there and i kept fucken laughing cause i was stoned, so erking, haha.

afffffter, went back to menchies, and ateyogurt :D YUM
then was supposed to watch movies again, but the last show was sold out
so we just cruised in the parking lot.
we got bored, so we went to morgan's corner.
i got scared cause hearn said he saw a black dog pass by >:| so scary
then after we went grudge house,
we were supposedto actuallyget outa the car this time
but fuck no one wanted to.

so we went to the "gspot"
was so cold there! holllllyshi.
and so erking people kept prankcallingme, andin the bg was someone saying " i love you sheila " what the fucking fuck?
so crstl kept yellllingatmyphone,haha.
its ok, so cute that people prank me just because they love hearing my voice :D aw keep callling! hahahhah.

then after, aubrey them came and chillled
me and crstlandchels was yelllling so loud, for fun haha
we didnt mean it, so funnny BIG DICK! lol.

afffter, we watched adrian spank the other guy while racing!
me crstl chel and chrispy wasyelllling, GO FAT BOY! HAHA

today was good, oh AND WHERE THE FUCK WAS THE STORM?! lmao
so ML, bitchesssssssz.

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